Seaview Stories Newsletter 18



Special Valentine's Day Issue
Dedicated to some of the encounters and interludes of our favorite fellows with the 'fairer sex', even if some of the them didn't develop into full blown romance.
*First Season pictures colorized by Carol

Turn Back the Clock
Carol Denning & Lee Crane

Carol Denning and Lee Crane have been an 'item' since Jason Kemp went missing with the Denning expedition. This later becomes a bone of contention between the 'found' Kemp and Crane. Kemp badgers Crane with 'thanks for taking care of my girl.'
Later, as the group tries to escape being canibilized by crazed lost world natives,  Kemp is eaten  alive by a dinosaur guarding a lake of lava.

The Magnus Beam
Luanna and Lee Crane

Luanna,a singer in a Near or Middle Eastern dictatorship, helps Crane who is on a covert assignment to find an enemy weapon. After Crane has been captured, tortured, and been taken out to be shot for his failure to reveal his 'source' (her), she and a group of resistance fighters help him to escape, and assist  Seaview  from being crushed by the Magnus Beam.
Part angel, part 'Florence Nightingale' on her part, there is a definite spark between the two.

The Ghost of Moby Dick
Dr. Ellen Bryce & Harriman Nelson

With the arrival of Dr. Ellen Bryce aboard to aid her husband hunt down a huge whale for heart research, sparks of a rekindled attraction between she and Nelson are pretty apparent. (Sorry, no hanky panky, however)

Hail to the Chief
Dr. Laura Rettig & Lee Crane

First impressions are deceiving! Crane is  rather enamoured initially by radiologist Dr. Laura Rettig. But it's short lived or he's just to busy to notice her after they get underway, and of course, maybe common sense kicks in. (She's old enough to be his mother).
There appaears to be no further romantic entanglement as the men of the Seaview and the medical team aboard fight to save the President's life. Which is difficult as she's actually trying to use the tampered with  blood clot buster to kill the president rather than save hm.

The Buccaneer
Mona Lisa, Crane, Morton, Nelson

Even though she's not alive, she's enamoured men the world over, especially Mr. Logan,
who hijacks  Seaview to force the vessel transporting her to the World's Fair to turn her over. 
Of course, thanks to the efforts of our boys to overcome Logan and his team, the madman finally surrenders.
Crane is quite smitten with her himself and muses  what she's smiling about. Morton has already confirmed to the crew that  she's worth more than Seaview would be on the open market and Nelson, musing about her  smile as much as Crane is, believes each man must decide for himself.

Caption Contest Winner (Newsletter 17)


"I thought you said this was going to be a boring run, Skipper! Did you see the legs on that Congresswoman?"

A bit of trivia:
For the boat's 'best girl watcher', we've never seen a love or potential love interest for Ski in the series. We've also never seen any romantic interest for Morton but there certainly has been in fanfiction!

Let's not forget the Seaview and Flying Sub have had their fair share of admirers too!

Secret of the Deep
A little smooch?

Secret of the Deep
'You have great fins, lady!'

Another bit of trivia:
Why is a vessel referred to as a 'she'?
Tradition holds that John Paul Jones, American Revolutionary naval hero said, 'Because they use so much paint and powder*!'
Seaview certainly has!
*powder-in the olden days, gunpowder to fire the cannonballs.



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Caption Contest Picture!

City Beneath the Sea
Melina Gounaris & Lee Crane

Crane, undercover as 'Lee Glenn' to find what's sinking ships, is attacked by another diver, who turns out to be Melina Gounaris, the daughter of an old man who pointed  Lee to where the City Beneath the Sea lies out in the ocean.
After  finding her father dead upon their return to shore, Lee and Melina forge a partnership to the elusive city, the source of his death they believe.
It's rather apparent that friendship had given way to something else, especially after Crane is captured and missing for several days.
In the end, (she's captured too), they manage to escape while Seaview destroys  the city, and even Nelson and the crew can see the couple might be an 'item' when they return to the boat.

Time Bomb
Agent Litchka & Harriman Nelson

Nelson, undercover as a Russian sailor, engages Litchka in more ways than one apparently while she 'assists' him in finding the hiding place of a nuclear bomb.
There's a definite attraction on Nelson's part the moment he first meets the elegant woman, and it seems to be returned, but, alas,   he still has to sleep on the sofa!
Litchka is discovered to be a double agent on the side of the enemy and is left behind to face the consequences of her duplicity.

Time Bomb
NIMR Staffer/ONI Agent Katie & Lee Crane

NIMR staffer aka ONI Agent Katie, teams with Crane to rescue Nelson from becoming a live bomb after being injected with unstable Cessium. 
It's apparent Katie and Lee have been and are mutually attracted to each other, at least as friends, but perhaps there's a bit more?
In the end with the rescue of Nelson and the exposure of Litchka, Katie, Crane, and Nelson dive into the sea and the waiting flying sub to take them home. Alas,when they return,  Crane seems to be more interested in speaking with Nelson as she drips on the deck when they emerge from the flying sub.

And Five Of Us Are Left
Lee Crane and date

In what is probably a new relationship,  Lee's moonlight date sugggests she shouldn't be out with him without a chaperone, but sucumbs easily to a smoochy smooch.
They are interupted by Chief Sharkey with orders for the Skipper to return to the boat for an emergency mission.
Romantic mood broken, Lee's date complains that at least her chaperone was imaginary!

The Cyborg
Gundi the Cyborg & Harriman Nelson

Gundi, a 'female' cyborg (robot) finds herself attracted, emotionally and intellectually to her creator's prisoner.
In the end, she tells Nelson to shoot the computer which will kill the cyborg guards, sacrificing herself to save him. If that isn't  true love, what is?

Escape From Venice
Agent Alicia & Lee Crane

Undercover in Venice, Lee is in contact with agent Alicia regarding Dr. Leonetti and his cryptic tapes.
Posing as a couple in love, there's no mistaking the mutual attraction between Lee and Alicia espcecially with  their second kiss which sure looks like the real thing. (Watch out, Lee, don't you remember the girl back home? Of course, this could all be pretend, but I doubt it.)
In any case, Alicia is murdered by the gondolier and Lee is on his own, shot and trapped in Venice.

Escape From Venice
Carla Julietta & Harriman Nelson

Making his presence known in Venice, and thanks to ONI well aware that Carla Julietta must be one of the bad guy Count Staglioni's people, Nelson allows himself to be 'caught' by her attentions in order to find out more about where Lee may be.

Escape From Venice
Betty Harmon & Lee Crane

Lee has seen an American woman and sidelines her forcibly seeking her help to go to Nelson and sing a 'little tune' to him, the code for the top secret tapes. (Which she can't do being tone deaf but  Lee thinks of a plan that might work.)
There is no romantic attraction between either of them, (after all, she's old enough to be his aunt or maybe an older sister-in the script she's actually a very young woman ) but he's desperate for her patriotic help, and she gives it.

Escape From Venice
Harriman Nelson & Betty Harmon

With a bird figurine, Betty seeks out Nelson, and tells him of a 'geniuine Crane', and where he can be found, but is later kidnapped by the evil count and Nelson must rescue her as well as Lee.
There is no romance between Nelson and Betty either, but I bet when he was first informed of Crane's location he was tempted to give her a kiss! (Sheer reflex action of course)

Escape From Venice
Lola Hale & Lee Crane

Back aboard Seaview, Lee sings the coded tune while Lola (the girl back home who revealed her more than business relationship in a Fruedian slip while speaking to Nelson on the monitor)  looks on, totally unaware that Lee and Alicia might have had a er...brief encounter...even if it was only a kiss.

The Left Handed Man
Tippy Penfield & Harriman Nelson

Tippy Penfield, daughter of presidential appointee George W. Penfield for Secretary of Defense, has requested Nelson denounce him publicly as she has evidence of his affilitation with Noah Grafton, a hated anti-American policy millionaire.
Nelson agrees to do so, and when she meets him again, plants a huge kiss smack on the lips. But she's had a change of heart, and now wants Nelson to renig. He won't, she's sure she's failed as a temptress, but he's pretty certain she'd have made a good one.
In any case, Nelson is kidnapped by Grafton's minions, and is going to be killed, when Crane and team arrive to rescue him. In the end, Grafton is killed, and unfortunately also Penfield, who's real crime was stupidy in becoming Grafton's patsy.
As for Tippy, well, she's rescued as well, but we never hear about her again. So much for a possible May-December romance.

The Left Handed Man
Angie & Lee Crane

When Lee is told by security that Angie, Nelson's secretary,  is asking for him, he greets her with a smile but she  informs him Nelson is missing.

It's apparent they have freindly feelings for each other, however, when she calls him 'sir' as he forms a plan to head to Noah Grafton's estate, it's doubtful anything ever has or will ever develop further in their relationship.






The Silent Saboteurs
Moana Yutang & Lee Crane

In an attempt to find defector Blake Halden's super computer (which is shooting down our returning spacecrafts), Lee is enlisted to make contact with Major Li Cheng who knows the location of the establishment.
But there are two Li Chengs who make contact. But the girl confesses her real identity,and as a recent widow, wants justice served for the man who caused her husband's death.  It is, the computer is destroyed, the spacecraft and pilots return safely, and Lee tries to convince her to come back to the US with him.(Pretty apparent he likes her, and she likes him) But her duty lies with her people, so it's a 'what if ' situation had  circumstances had been different.

The Death Ship
Dr. Tracy Stewart & Lee Crane

Seaview has been selected to test out a new automated computer system, but unbenownst to her skeleton crew of 8 scientists, Crane, and Nelson, there is a bad agent aboard who wants to kill those aboard plus use the system to disrupt and destory a peace conference going on at sea, the so called 'Peace Ship'.
Dr. Tracy Stewart and Crane hit it off right away, (he even ogles her as she walks away-he can't help it, it's a guy thing) but as folks begin to die by deliberate 'accident's, not to mention sabotage,  leaving only a wounded Crane and Tracy, well, you can imagine all thoughts of any romance are well and truly gone.
In the end it turns out that one of the scientists faked his own death, (as did Nelson of himself in a plot with Crane to try to find and expose the bad guy), Crane, Nelson and Tracy  return to base having saved the Peace Ship.

The Mermaid
Mermaid & Lee Crane

Mesmerized by a mermaid he first saw through Seaview's viewports, Crane goes out after her alone, (against regs), captures the siren, and brings her back.
Totally smitten with the creature,(who is well aware of the effect she has on him), he cares nothing about a missing bomb Seaview needs to find.
Rumors fly that the big fish he caught while out on his dive is a mermaid. Only Nelson knows it's for real, but everyone can guess after a merman (sans tail-it's a biped), comes aboard to rescue her, wrecking havoc. (It's unknown if it's a relation come aboard to save her from a fate worse than death.) 
After Crane is knocked out from a fall during a bad lunge that Seaview takes, his senses return and he makes a deal with the mermaid to locate the undersea bomb so the men of Seaview can disarm it. And thus, he releases her, trusting that she understands and will do as asked.
In the meantime, the merman escapes through the pressure hatch and the diving team led by Crane finds the bomb she leads them to.
Disarmed, the sea is saved from a nuclear nightmare and Crane is vindicated that he really did see a mermaid.
As for rekindling a human/mermaid  romance, well, since he was seduced,  it's unlikely he'll return to the grotto where she lives to resume any kind of relationship. Or will he? What a feast for fanfiction. There have been more than a few Mermaid/Lee stories in fanfiction.

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