Obeying Doctor's Orders


Kay H.



After a long and harrowing 6-week mission, that saw several of the command staff in sickbay at different times for minor injuries only this time, Seaview finally returned home.  Even before the boat had finished docking Jamie was harping at Lee and Chip about taking some time off.


As Chip and Lee sat in the nose signing off on the final end of mission documents, they heard Admiral Nelson walk down the stairs. He walked into the observation nose and Lee and Chip immediately start to rise, granted Lee a little slower and less graceful than usual. Nelson quickly motioned for them to remain seated.  “Gentlemen how are the reports coming?”


Lee motioned to the stack of paperwork.  “We have finished off everything but the duty schedules.  The damage reports are right here awaiting your review and approval, sir.  The necessary repairs should only take a couple of weeks.” Lee looked thoughtful for a minute, “Admiral, does the next mission require any special equipment installation that you are aware of?”


Nelson sat down with his officers and looked over his battered command staff. “No Lee, it should be a strictly scientific mission.  I agreed to do some counting of deep-sea marine species for Woods Hole Institute.  They are mainly interested in the number and variety of marine species found around the smokers.  I just got off the radio with Dr Lewis and they need to delay the mission several weeks, so go ahead and schedule the crew for 3-weeks shore leave.  That way the everyone can enjoy some necessary time off and we will still have time to oversee the repairs before the next mission.”


Dr. Jamieson walked in and overheard Nelson’s orders. “Admiral I hope when you say shore leave for everyone that means you, the Skipper and XO will take time off and not just tackle items in your in-boxes.”   


Nelson raised his hand at Jamie to indicate submission. “Yes Doctor, it means everyone will take some time away from the Institute.” Harry smiled as he looked directly at Lee and Chip.


Chip piped up.  “Chill Jamie. I’m planning on visiting my parents.  We’re going to Lake Sheridan for a family reunion.”


Jamieson turned his glare on the other two.  “Well Admiral and Captain what are your plans?”


Nelson smiled at Jamie’s tenacity. “Well Doctor, I’m attending a conference in Hawaii and then planned on spending several days visiting old friends there, does that meet with your approval?”


Jamieson smiled and nodded. “Most assuredly.  The sun and relaxation will do you good.” Hissteely attention turned to the Captain.


Lee grinned at the medic.  “It’s okay, Jamie I’m not going to be here either.  I’m still making my plans, but it looks likely that I am going to spend some time with friends diving in the Pyramids off Japan.”


Everybody looked at Lee in surprise and started bombarding him with questions.


Chip asked curiously, “Which friends?”


Nelson demanded. “What pyramids in Japan?”


Jamison looked perplexed. “Diving in pyramids?  How do you dive in pyramids?”


Lee sat back and smiled,  “I shall be meeting up with Joe Emmons and Captain Mike, near Okinawa, Japan to explore the underwater pyramids around the ocean bed there.” 


“Would that be Lt Commander Joe Emmons, Admiral Starke’s aide?” Chip asked and received Lee’s nod of assent. “And Captain Mike Rodgers from the schooner races?”


 “That’s right. “We’ve been planning a trip together for some time, just couldn’t get us all together until now.”


The Admiral looked interested and asked Lee, “What underwater pyramids are off Okinawa?  I haven’t heard anything about this?”

Lee laughed  at the admiral’s obvious scientific curiosity and he began explaining. “Recently in the waters around Okinawa and beyond to the small island of Yonaguni, divers found well-preserved remains of an ancient city.  There appears to be 8 different locations  spread over an amazing 311 miles on the ocean floor.

It was a sports diver that stumbled across a strange platform structure off Okinawa first of all then teams of divers found another and some more man-made monuments nearby.  From the research investigations so far it has the layout of an ancient lost city.”

Chip turned to Lee disgustedly, “You didn’t invite me?  Some friend you are?” 

Lee held up his hands to placate Chip.  “Now, Chip you had already told me about the family reunion and how much you were looking forward to it.  Joe only recently learned about the ancient underwater city and passed on the information to me.  We decided to try and get a group together on our next leave.  This is why the plans are still being made. With us having some time off I called Joe to see if he could get leave.  In the last mail drop Captain Mike wrote that he would be in Hawaii for several months to setup some races, so Joe contacted him and it looks like we might be set.  I thought about asking you, but all you been able to talk about for the last several weeks is this family reunion and how you do not want to miss it.”

Chip shrugged, “Just my luck. I don’t want to miss the family but I would have enjoyed the diving too. If it’s as good as it sounds you’ll have to take me next time.”

Lee nodded, “It’s a deal.”

Harry decides to help out his Captain. “Lee, I am taking the flying sub to Hawaii.  Do you want to fly over with me?  Depending on how long are you planning on staying in Japan, you could take FS-1 to Okinawa and store it in secure facilities at the naval base and pick me up on your way back.”

Lee looked pleased.  “That would be great Admiral, using the FS-1 will allow us an extra days diving.  We still won’t have time to dive all of the sites, but at least we can explore most of it.  Joe only has a week leave, so the timing works out perfectly.”

Nelson thought for a moment,  “Maybe I can find a sponsor who wants to fund a  study this ancient city, that way we could all get a chance to view this site.   Lee you can consider this a working vacation and I expect an interesting report on what you saw.  After we all get back I will contact some friends in Japan’s archaeological community to see if they are interested in using Seaview and the NIMR resources. I’d like to see this wonder for myself.”    

Harry gathered up the reports that needed his attention. “Gentlemen, I suggest we turn Seaview over to the anchor watch and proceed with our leaves.”

As they all start to go Jamie looks at Lee.  “Just don’t do anything dangerous while you are diving,” Jamie warned. “You don’t need to collect anymore injuries for a while.”

Lee smiled at Jamie’s concern.  He did have a busy time in sickbay this trip. “I promise to be good Jamie.”

Jamieson rewarded him with a purely skeptical glance. 

“And what plans do you have for this leave Doctor?” Lee asked candidly.

Jamie looked slightly surprised. “Well, I have plans to take a couple of days fishing and then plan a schedule for the crew’s physicals and reports to finish….”

“That’s your idea of leave, Doctor?” Chip demanded cynically, “After all you just got through telling us about the importance of rest and relaxation?”

“He’s right Will.” Harry intervened. “If we are all ordered a week’s R &R at your insistence then that’s my prescription for you too.  And that’s my order!” Nelson said strictly.

Will Jamieson laughed. “Hoisted on my petard!  Very well gentlemen, a weeks fishing it is then.”

Harriman Nelson smiled.  “See you in my office in half an hour Lee so we can make our flight arrangements.”

To his departing friends he called.  “Have a good leave gentlemen!”