Lee's Enforced Rest
by Kay H.

Emily called out to Chip as he approached Lee's office.  “Chip, Lee told me he is working on an important project and he is not to be disturbed.  Admiral Nelson has been looking for him.  What do I tell him?


Okay Emily, I will take the responsibility for disturbing the lion in his den.” Chip walked into Lee’s office and did not see him.  Then he heard Lee retching in the bathroom. “Lee! What's wrong?”

When the painful heaving finally stopped, Lee slumped back against a
nearby wall with his long legs splayed out in front of him.  Hi,” he said, striving desperately to sound fine, but only managing to sound breathless.


“Lee, what's wrong? Are you in pain?” Chip asked.  He knelt in front of him, firing off a series of questions, stroking the sweat dampened
hair off his forehead and taking his pulse all at the same time.  Why haven’t you called Jamie?  When did this start?”

“No, I haven’t called Jamie yet, because I do not need him.  I’m fine.  Just slightly nauseated, and my back kind of hurts.  I don’t need to see Jamie. I just ate something that did not agree with me.”

Chip helped Lee and out of the bathroom and back to his desk.  “Did you fall or do anything to hurt yourself?”

Lee shook his head wearily and scrubbed his face with shaking hands.
No, I haven’t hurt myself, and I do not need to see Jamie.”  I was fine when I got up this morning. I went for a run, and then came to work. I had an early meeting with the Admiral about a new project for Seaview and then worked on paperwork until now.  I was just sitting here at the desk when it hit me. It felt like a knife in my back and then you arrived just after the floor show started.”

Perching on the edge of Lee's desk, Chip studied him through
narrowed eyes. The sudden onset of severe back pain accompanied by
nausea worried him. “Lee, I think you are sick and need to let Jamie check you out.” Emily, please let the Admiral know that you found Lee and he is not feeling well.  I am going to walk Lee over for Jamie to check out.  Have the Admiral meet me over at the infirmary.”

Grabbing his and Lee's coat and cover he followed Lee to the elevator.  Chip walked Lee over to the infirmary and checked in with Nurse Gwen.


“Hi Gwen, what exam room is open and can you call Jamie to let him know that he has a patient.”


Jamie came in to see his favorite patient. “Okay Lee, what is going on?” 


“Jamie, it is nothing, probably only the flu.  Chip is just being his usual mother hen.”


“Lee, get on the gurney and let me check you out. We all know how you like to downplay any problems.  Chip, what symptoms did you see?”


“I walked into Lee’s office looking for him and heard him retching in the bathroom. He admitted to me that he was slightly nauseated and his back kind of hurts.”


Lee said, “All right both of you! I am right here. You do not need to talk like I am not.


“Yes Lee,” said Jamie, “but you will not tell me the truth.”


The Admiral walked in right then.  “Lee, Jamie has got that one right. Jamie, how is he?” “Admiral, I am still trying to find that out.  Why don’t you and Chip wait outside while I examine him?  I will let you know when I have finished.”



“Okay Chip lets go get a cup of coffee while Jamie checks out Lee.  Lee you behave and listen to Jamie.  We will be right outside.


“Now Lee, how are you really feeling?  How long have you been nauseated?”

But Doc, it's just a cramp or the flu, or maybe something I ate. I’ll be fine. The back pain is almost completely gone and I'm not queasy
anymore. In fact, I'm a little hungry. I don't think that you need
to go to all that trouble just for stomach flu. I will just leave
now and save this room for someone that is really sick.”

Wait a minute, mister! I am going to take some blood and run a few tests.  If everything checks out that it is just the flu, then I will let you go home to rest.” 


Jamie examined Lee, and then drew some blood.  “Lee just lie back and rest until I get the results back.  I am going to let Chip and the Admiral back in to keep you company.”


“Admiral, Chip, would you keep him company and keep him from escaping while I run this blood down to the lab.  I think we are just dealing with a bad case of the flu, but I want to be sure.”


The Admiral and Chip walk back into the exam room and see Lee lying back with his eyes closed.  “Lee how are you feeling now lad.”


“Admiral I am fine I just need to get back to work.”



Jamie came back a short time later.  “Okay Lee, it looks like the flu, so I am going to let you go home to rest.  But I am serious!  You are going to stay home and rest.  Admiral, I think that he should be able to sail with us when we leave in five days.  Lee I better not see you here or on Seaview until we sail, or I will beach you from the next mission.”


“Jamie, do you really think that he will be okay at home?” asked the Admiral.


“Yes, I will be stopping by to keep an eye on him.”  I’m sure that you and Chip will also be keeping an eye on him.  If necessary I can have one of the corpsman stay with him.  I sure that Sharkey or some of the men will be stopping by and Lee will rest better at home than here in the infirmary.


Lee gives Jamie a glare and gets up.  “All right enough I am going to go home now.  So there”!!! 


“Lee I don’t want to push my luck, but I want to give you something for nausea.  You don’t need to be diving, so let Chip take you home.  I’ll be by later to check on you.  Admiral if you want to visit Lee later this evening you might want to take by some dinner to make sure he eats.”


“Okay Lee, let get you home, so I can get back to Seaview.”


Lee gives everyone a disgusted look and walks out the door.