Pet of the Year Contest!

Office Copy


Large fist- sized bullfrog.

No picture available, he's extremely shy!!!)

Name of Pet:

Kermit, of course!


Bullfrog, humongous.

Was your pet:


2.Adopted I was cleaning out the fishpond in the back yard when I was on shore leave and "something" moved in the muck and the mire. Using a stick to examine the evidence, I came across his delightfully green skin and have put off cleaning the fishpond until the weather is more appropriate for him to be swimming about, or until my next shore leave, whichever comes first. I think I know what happened to the fish, after seeing his size!!

Why should your pet be deemed pet of the year?

Well, he eats flies... we would never have a fly problem aboard the Seaview!! That's my submarine. With all the interesting things we have aboard and the number of bodies from time to time,he would be of great help for shipboard hygiene.

Not too approachable at times, must be chased down...he hops well! But he can't really sing , despite what Riley says.

He has nice slimy skin, a lovely pea-soup color. And he doesn't shed, bark, scratch, or cause a fuss. He will on occasions "croak", however.

Is your pet a :

1.Pure bred: As pure as they come!!!




Special talents of pet: The best jumper that I have seen in ages. Even Mark Twain would be impressed with this fellow! Does away with unwanted pests... flies, bugs and things.

Accidentally ate the latest specimen of Admiral Nelson's hissing cockroach. That delighted the Captain!

If all else fails, he will sing, quite badly!

Pet especially likes: Flies,hissing cockroaches,puddles of water and the bilge tanks.

Taken to sitting in the Admiral's coffee cup, though, I think Mr. Morton, that's our exec, has something to do with that! Loves to swim!!!

Pet especially dislikes: Admiral Nelson or 'Cookie eyeing his legs. Butter and garlic give him hives, Kermit that is... or should I say warts?

By entering your pet, personal appearances may be required if considered for this contest. Does yours require any special accommodation?

A good supply of water will do, can be dirty too!! No mops or buckets needed!!

Flies, hissing cockroaches, and whatever other varmint you can find would be welcome.

Name of owner: Seaman Patterson

Address: NIMR, Santa Barbara, California. Known by everyone. Or you can contact S.S.R.N. Seaview,ATTN:Captain Crane.

Thank you for entering your pet. Only the top 10 contestants will receive acknowledgment of entry.

Finalist, notify entrant.

I think I see aTV spot for this contestant. CD

Which one? The frog or the sailor? And what on earth are hissing cockroaches? Have the information dept. find out. AB

I still think that Larry the Lobster is a better choice for a finalist. EF

Well who asked you? Let's get back to work everybody! Oh, and contact Hollywood. A fly-eating singing frog on a submarine? Could be worth millions ! GH

Don't forget "Skip" turned out to be a bogus practical joke. This could be one too. IJ

That's what they said.I still think something fishy was going on on that sub.CD

Okay, enough said. The frog is a finalist unless otherwise disqualified. Send the notification and arrange a photographer and interview. GH