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Last Spy Standing Part Two

*Posted Apr 30 2023

Last Spy Standing-Part One"

*posted 24 Oct 2022

Spy Games*posted 30 Dec.2021

Prisoner of Yesterday *posted 05 Dec 2021.

The Final Chapter*posted 18 Oct 2020. (WHN for The Deadly Dolls)

Almost Paradise * posted 9 Aug 2018

Reflections On A Nightmare *posted 02 Feb 2018,

Nightmare Reality *posted 01 May 2016 Also posted on Yahoo Groups-Subpen

Safe Harbor posted 22 Jan 2016. Entry in the 'Inspired By' category of A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -Bedtime Story challenge.

Sexy Santa *posted 13 Dec 2015.

Ghost Net * Posted 24 Oct 2015

In Enemy Hands *posted 3 May 2015

Shores of Doubt * posted 28 Feb. 2015

A Busy Day *posted Aug 3, 2014

Time to Heal *posted May 3, 2014. Sequel to 'Dead Before Morning', and an 'inpsired by-anytime' entry for the Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -All Wrapped Up challenge. *Also posted on the Subpen at Yahoo Groups.

Jail House Rock *posted Feb 1, 2014

No Escape From Christmas *posted Dec 23, 2013. Also posted on The Sub Pen at Yahoo Groups

Worth Dying For *posted 18 March 2011

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear*posted 12/11/2010

Be My Valentine

Powers of Darkness

While Others Walk Alone

Shattered Dreams *posted Oct 31, 2009

Retribution*posted 7 Mar 2010. Previously posted on the SubPen. This story has not been edited in any way by Seaview

Troubled Waters

(After Dark Share the Night *posted 6 Mar 2010 Sequel to Retribution

Chasing Midnight

Pirate's Web

Stowaway A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Cat Nap) Challenge

Somewhere in the NightA picture is Worth a Thousand Words (Black) Challenge

Pistols at Dawn*posted 07 Aug 2011

Beyond Cyborg*posted 26 Aug 2011 Slightly revised from it's original posting in the fanzine 'Below the Surface'

Intermission*posted 25 Sept. 2011 also on the Cobra Challenge page as a post contest entry

Out of Uniform*posted 22 Oct. 2011 for the Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge #9 Blue Haze contest

The Captain's Mission A Pictures is Worth a Thousand Words Challenge #14 Storm's picture

Fragments of Fear*posted Jan 10, 2013 Revised version of story originally posted in the fanzine Below the Surface.

>Shades of Grey *posted Feb. 2, 2013.

Rough Diamond

Collaborative Works:

Dead Before Morning by Sally & Pauline *posted April 8, 2013

Edge of Darkness posted on Seaview Stories June 30, 2013.

Takedown *posted July 14, 2013 (Orig. posted on The Sub Pen)

Foggy Night

Foggy Night shown here is also presented as A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words-Foggy Night story challenge.