Assorted glimpses of our favorite fellas in print

1945! Hope High School Yearbook photos of David Hedison's Senior year. Remember, he was Albert David Hedison back then:

Musical Roundup

David performs as Oliver Winslow in the play 'The Youngest'

David was on the business staff of the yearbook.

The 'Flub Sub'*... Full Rud Lefter','Bing Who?','Senority' 'No Translation Needed', 'Adapted'

Irwin Allen aka 'The Big Cheese'without whom our imaginations would have been sadly lacking...'Take her down, hell!','Stag Pary','Tiki Fire','Flamboyant filmmaker','You light up my life'

SSRN Seaview's ranking officers:

Richard Basehart aka Admiral Harriman Nelson... ...'With My Eyes Open';">Bogus Brouge; Tennis anyone?

Green Thumb

David Hedison aka Cmdr. Lee Crane...

NEW CLIP POSTED 13 AUG 2018Indian Chief

NEW CLIP POSSTED 15 Aug 2018 Funny Girl

'Lost in the part' 'Wetsuit Wardrobe''Who Scrubbed My Album?'

'Floatation Device' 'No Starch' 'Salute' 'Fem'botts?' 'Or not'

'Glib Fibs' 'Swatted' 'Teahouse' 'Order of the Palm' 'Makedown' Buzzing Along Top Spy Hedda's Hedison How Can A Girl Meet a New Guy 'Movie Star Magazine' May 1965 Talk to the Stars 'Movie Star Magazine' May 1965 'Marine Mutiny', Thrills, Hopes for Fame, Picked for Part The Good Life Mixed Decor

Plush Surroundings Eyes Stage

Canned Canned and happy about it Going Places Irwin nabs David for Lost World-very smart guy! What happened to the cast? Beat up bride Upstaged! Shivering stars The real stars of the show Hed Web David Dives Under Hedison Arrives Hometown Hedison

Funny Fantastic Firsts

XO TumbleParish Priest;Post Road;Adequate;Blum's Picks; Split Personality; Paramount Chills; Messy Dating

The Plot Thickens; Shedding the Image

On location: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Bachelor Buddies-Bob Horton hosts a picnic.

Bob Dowdell aka Lt.Cmdr. Chip Morton... >; High School Photo; 'Cowboy Commander' 'How Can a Girl Meet a Man (Movie Stars Magazine) Improv Party 1 (Official Hollywood Fan Magazine June 1964) Improv Party 2(Official Hollywood Fan Magazine June 1964) High School thespian Theatre World;Party Pals (3); Rinaling?

Richard Bull aka Lt. Cmdr. *Will Jamison*...'Doc Shop';Accents;Vested Interest

Derrik Lewis aka Lt. Frank O'Brien...'Circus!','Fabulous Fingers','Jazz Trio'

Arch Whiting aka Lt.jg.'Sparks'...'Dog's Best Friend'

Our non-commissioned officers:

Henry Kulky aka Chief Curley Jones...'Tough Job But Somebody's Got to Do it'

Terry Becker aka Chief Francis Ethelbert Sharkey.........'Who changed my name' 'Committed'; Means to an End

What's in a Name; Fear of Flying

SSRN Seaview's essential crewmen:

Delbert (Del) Monroe aka Seaman Kowalski...'Drafted','Brush up your Polish','Drive In'

Never Fail Diet

Paul Trinka aka Seaman Patterson...'Big Break';Ben Casey;My Three Sons;"> Gol-ley!

'Hometown Hero''High School Yearbook' Obituary

Paul Carr aka Seaman Clark promoted to Lt. Clark... 'Casting Doctors'

Alan Hunt aka Seaman Stu Riley.....'Bing Who?'

Mark Slade aka Seaman Malone/Smith/other... 'New Part'