Fly-ing in Memphis by Diane Kachmar. An up close and personal commentary of the event!

David Hedison and Diane Kachmar after Diane's Author Panel and David's Movie Star Panel on Sat. June 14, the last day of the Memphis Film Festival.

Signing a vintage Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea photo for a fan.

Signing a digital picture of the two flys.

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Fly Spoof


Many thanks to Diane Kachmar for sharing her photos and comments about the Festival.

David Hedison signs a Fly poster for a fan on Thursday, June 2, the first day of the Memphis Film Festival's tribute to The Fly/Return of the Fly with David Hedison and Brett Halsey.

The two 'flys' David Hedison and Brett Halsey pose with attendees after the Film Festival's Awards Banquet on Saturday, June 14.


The Film Festival decided that since they were in-between David's (May 20) and Brett's (June 20) birthdays, they should have a birthday cake after their panel. The audience joined in the celebration and sang to them.

David on the Movie Star Panel

L to R: Brett Halsey,David Hedison, Ray Neilson (Moderator),Suzanna Leigh, Lee Aaker

David entertains three other convention guests at the Sat. Awards Banquet

L to R: Brett Halsey, a member of the convention staff, and Suzanna Leigh