By Philippa Timms




It had started as a weekend full of promise. However as Admiral Harriman Nelson sat alone in one of the dark dank cells of the Mennhinnic High Security Prison, he found he had ample time to review the events that had led him into this predicament.

For over half an hour he tied to calm his temper, but at this precise moment he could only think of one person to blame.....


<Memo> To: Adm. Jiggs Starke.

From: Lt. Joe George

14.56. 7.12.76


Please, Sir what ever you think in the next few minutes. Do not blame me. The events in the last few hours since your last memo, with your suggestion about the camping trip have conspired against me. Admiral Nelson has told me in now uncertain words that a trip of this nature could only lead to trouble. As he never did get any time for a getting to know you section without Rockmen, Fishmen, Aliens from outer-space,inner-space. Or just the rest of the crew being led by the Captain coming after him. Just to be on the safe side, he had arranged to have the weekend away in some secure location.

Captain Lee Crane's reply was almost the same, except that it seemed that the Admiral was always leading the crew against him, and he would only consider coming if it was the right week to do so. What ever that meant.

Doc, Ski, Sharkey and Patterson will need at least a month's notice of the camping trip if it's to go ahead as for all the medical supplies that it would entail for the weekend(double if FS1 involved) as they still not to sure if either the admiral or the captain know how to park the thing, without leaving somesort of dent, in either them or the craft. All Riley wanted to know was if there would be room enough for his surf-board.

I have done my best, Sir for your idea of a weekend of fun. I only hope all of the members of NIMR who I have paged will reply soon in a more positive frame of mind.



<Memo> To: Adm. Jiggs Starke.

From: Lt. Joe George

19.00 7.12.76

As soon as you can, Sir switch to Channel 46's News 24. There's been a mass breakout from the Mennhinnic High Security Prison. Rumour has it that Admiral Nelson's there, and the prisoners have heard of his reputation to. Rockmen, Fishmen, Aliens from

outer-space, inner-space. It would seem that they feel a lot safer just being chased by the U.S. Marshal's!