Mark Slade as Crewman Malone/Smith/'other'

I had the good fortune to meet the cast and crew of 'High Chaparral' including Mark Slade (Seaman Malone)and Linda Cristal (guest Melina Gounaris) while they were fliming on location in Old Tucson, Arizona.

They were all very courteous especially Mark, and enjoyed mingling with the 'native's, actually most of whom were either stationed at the Air Force base in Tucson proper, families of the same (me)and of course the wonderful folks who made their homes there.

A great time was had by all whenever the show came out on location and had I recognised Mark and Linda from Voyage I would have beleaguered them both with questions about David Hedison for sure! (I was in High School now and we girls had all been in love with all the men of Seaview.) But at that time you got one rerun during the show's airing years and that was it. No tapes, no dvds, no cable, so minor characters and even major guest stars were not remembered that clearly, at least that's the way in my case. So sad to think of what I missed.

Carol aka Catfish

Glimpses of Mark Slade