Well, you're not going to believe this, but although I haven't been able to meet David Hedison in person, unlike some of you fellow 'voyagers' and 'sea-gals', I did send two letters off to the Cape Playhouse inside another letter, with a disposable camera and a return prepaid priority mailer.

In my letter to the artistic director, I mentioned how very much I wished I could see the performance, and if it weren't too much trouble, if they wouldn't mind snapping a few pictures of David in/out of costume, backstage, or with fellow cast-mates or family.

In my letter to David, I again mentioned how very much I wished I could be there to see him in a live performance, and wished him a wonderful time.

As many of you know, he never received the special 'card' nor expo project we sent to him for the Expo, so I really had no idea if this whim of an idea would have any response at all….

Well, today, July 16, 1998, I received back the camera and 5 pictures had been taken! Two of them, of David alone, and 3 of David with others. I do not know who they are, but think they are cast mates. After a little investigation, I may include them here.

Believe me, I am still walking on air! My very own personal pictures of the man I deeply respect and admire, and yes, drool over in my dreams.

Well, here is David backstage…One day, I hope I can actually meet him in person!