Not really sure where this came from. Maybe it was inspired by the chat room or just overactive hormones. Who knows? Featuring Serena and Wendy.

The Joggers

Sharon H




Standing on the back deck of Wendy Morton's condo, Serena had to admit the place was nice. Lots of space with clean classic lines and a fantastic view of the beach below them. She sipped at her coffee, feeling happy to be home for the first time in weeks. Beside her, Wendy also sipped at her coffee, her eyes staring off into space.


“Nice place,” Serena finally commented. Wendy grinned, casting her friend a sideways glance.


“Angie helped me find it. There are a couple of empty ones on this bluff, and this one has a great view,” Wendy replied. “You know, there's a very nice place four houses up.”


Serena sighed and rolled her eyes. The admiral had managed to recruit Wendy in his newest venture; to convince Serena to move onto NIMR property. It had been an ongoing battle of will between her, her father, and oddly Lee Crane. It was a security measure Lee tried to tell her. Personally, she thought she was just being an overprotective worrywart. She was trying to explain that she had taken care of herself for over thirty years now and she was perfectly capable of continuing that trend. Lee had grumbled something about hardheaded Nelson genes, but had left the subject alone. Serena suspected it wasn't a matter of the Commander admitting defeat, more along the lines of him waiting for a better time to bring the subject back up. Lee was sneaky that way. Her father was a different matter. Subtle and tricky, he managed to bring up the subject at least once a day if they happened to run into each other. Looking around at Wendy's place though, she had to admit she kind of liked it. Living on the grounds would save on gas, and she could get more done if she was just a few minutes away from her office.


“Four houses up, huh? Same view?” Serena replied. Wendy nodded, sipping from her coffee cup.


“It's lot like this one. It's a two bedroom and it's got a dining room you can turn into an office. The view is about the same, actually, since it backs up to this same stretch of beach,” she glanced down at her watch. “Just wait, it's about to get better,” Wendy announced, shifting her eyes on the far end of the beach. Serena watched, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.


“Wen, the view is already great. How can it get any better?”


Those words had no more been spoken when around the bend on the beach two figures appeared, jogging along at a fairly good clip. For a second Serena wondered, a couple of joggers. So what?


Then the joggers got closer and everything became clear. Very clear.


Both men wore shorts and tee shirts, sweat soaked and clinging to rippling muscles normally hidden under a veneer of khaki. Dark haired and fair, the two pounded across the beach, in perfect stride with one another, sending up a spray of sand as they ran. Long, lean, leg muscles were pushed to their limits as the two runners tested their endurance against each other. Powerful biceps glistened in the early morning sun, muscles bunching and contracting. Their sweat-drenched tee shirts clung to them, outlining well-defined shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles. As they neared the end of the beach, the two stopped, running their hands through damp, dark curls or wheaten blond hair, shaking the sweat from their eyes. Then they were off again, back up the beach, leaving the two spectators with a retreating view of broad shoulders that tapered off into narrow waists and  . . .


Serena blinked and swallowed hard, watching the command duo of Seaview vanish around the bend from where they had appeared from. Once they had completely disappeared from sight, she slowly let out the pent up breath she's hadn't realized she'd been holding back. “Oh my,” she breathed.


“I told you I had great view,” Wendy replied, also sounding just this side of breathless.


Serena turned to face her best friend. “The same stretch of beach? Where'd you say this empty condo is again?”