Happy Writing?


Philippa Timms

ÖThis challenge is presented by catfish. The story must contain an empty frame,Tofu, two spiders,a fingernail clipper, and a missing sock. Challenge will run through Oct 15, 2000. Any length,voting will be for best overall (depending on entries) with any comments welcome. Happy writing!Ö

Well then now I see that the challenge has been extended. October 30th. Good thing too. As I sit at the computer Lee Crane is still looking for his missing sock. It makes matters worse that he says that it is his lucky sock. He wonít come out of his cabin until itís found. Heís in such a sulk been so for months. Kowalskiís still trying to convince Riley that Tofu is an ancient form of marshal art. The healthy alternative to war heís been told. How can I control these characters? Form a story from their madness. Just to make sure that Nelson can get into the story he keeps on popping into my head with an empty frame on his head. He keeps on telling me..


"It wasnít me Iíve been framed!" How can I get a story out of these characters? All that Iím getting is characters on the rampage. I sit at the computer to try to calm down. Think happy thoughts and then itíll come to me. Happy writing you tell me. Iíll have a plot and then a story will flow. However the Seaview crew all have a different story to share. Just to get in on the act Chip comes in with a pair of nail clippers. Just for the hell of it he tells me. He didnít get much to do on the show and for the life of him he wasnít going to miss out on his story. So Iíve been sitting here for hours dreaming of the Seaview crew. Havenít written much.No plot, no story.But it has been happy writing. For when youíre writing of the men aboard Seaview how can you be anything but.


"YEEACHH!!!!!" Two spiders have just walked across my monitor. Iím signing off now before they come down this way. Remember to dream those happy thoughts and maybe control those men better than I can!

Happy WritingÖ.