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David in an early publicity photo

David in 'The Fly'


and after

David said he loved the story and wanted progressive makeup, but the director didn't. Still, the flim was a runaway hit and a lot of us feel the credit was not just the story but his superior performance as well.

I purchased this rare 'Al' Hedison signature photo made as a publicity photo for 'The Fly'. On the back there is a notation by Fox for newspapers to use at will. Oh yeah!


David in 'Son of Robin Hood' costume
* In the tale, he only poses as Robin's son, as the 'son' is actually a girl

David wasn't too fond of this film as an artist, and had an actual injury due to a horse as well.


David in a publicity still and a screen shot from the short lived but outstanding series 'Five Fingers' (1959/60)


Insert from a Mexican film magazine from about the same time period. As this was purchased without the magazine, unsure of the source.

One of several differing posters,some lurid, for Irwin Allen's 'The Lost World released in 1960 (Note: apparently either Irwin changed his mind on casting or they opted out)

Stylized poster for 'Marines Let's Go' (1961)

Technical advisor to the film inspects our favorite leatherneck

Photo courtesty Robert Vanderpool Uncle Odie's Collectibles


Colorized (by 'Catfish') photo of David as the Apostle Phillip. Orig. b/w publicity photo courtesy Linda Delaney.


In Scuba wardrobe for Voyage

Glimpses of David Hedison

Some early articles David finds himself in print: Newport Daily News Aug 04 1950

Newport Daily News Aug 29 1950

Barnard Bulletin April 09 1956

It's official! David finds himself a 'Promising Newcomer'.

Berkshire Eagle May 22 1956

David in his first feature film, 'The Enemy Below', released in 1957


The Fly (1958)

Lincoln Evening Journal April 20 1958

Oakland Tribune July 18 1958

Son of Robin Hood(1958/9)


Five Fingers(1959/60)
Movie Life Nov. 1959 Robert (Bob) Horton hosts a picnic for friends David Janson and David Hedison.

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood Hedison

Actually 'Looking at Hollywood by Hedda Hopper'





Messy Dating?
Movieland TV Time July 1963 / Contributed by Kim Q

'The Lost World'


David said Jill was a 'real trooper'and just about everyone was bruised up during the the physcially exhuasting making of the movie.


Providence Journal 5/19/63

*** Behind the scenes: On location: The Greatest Story Ever Told



Providence Journal 9/12/64

~Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea~


Providence Journal 8/15/65

The Plot Thickens!

A little respite

Back to the Boat

A new image

How Can a Girl Meet a New Man 'Movie Star Magazine' May 1965

Contributed by Kim Q

Short clip from 'Talk to the Star's in the same magazine also contributed by Kim Q.

Soap Opera Magazine 27 Sept. 1994- David Hedison 'Firsts'

Providence Journal 6/24/01