GUESS    WHO    I    AM!

HINT: 1 & 1/2 years old

Time's    Up!

Ok, time's up. Ready for the answer?

This darling picture is Allen Hunt at 1 & 1/2 years of age.

Now for the scoop…when given a little 'survey' by mail, he was very gracious and answered several questions, including supplying the wonderful photo above and another to be revealed soon in another project.

And he gave permission for his comments to be shared with you all in cyberspace, though please be aware that these might not answer all your questions. If you'd like a Xeroxed copy of the actual item, email me, though I may post it in all its glory.

I can still hardly believe it that he actually phoned me long distance to chat about my letter and survey and the upcoming voyage convention in England which he'll be attending. ( Unfortunately I can't attend.)

He's really looking forward to it and enjoys the Voyage fandom immensely.( Believe me, I'm very jealous of those of you who are able to attend!)

His first impression of the Voyage set was "awesome" with " ingenious designs and the smell of fresh paint everywhere." He auditioned for the role, "like everyone else," and his favorite event was "meeting and working with Richard Basehart." His least favorite event was " having to leave the show when I enlisted in the US Marines."

Allen revealed a practical joke shared by others: "David used to hide little bits of dialogue all over the sets so he wouldn't forget his lines-we used to love to erase them or sometimes re-write the wrong lines in their places."

His favorite episode was 'The Monster's Web'. He got along best with Richard Basehart; Bob Dowdell worked the hardest; he (Allen) partied the hardest; and altercations really didn't happen while he was there, though he did circle "producer" when the question about 'temper tantrum's was asked. Several writers visited the set; and Richard was "fairly private, preferred to read a book, etc."

The flying sub hatch led to a floor on the sound stage #10., and he was not claustrophobic in the escape hatch. ( I had to ask that as ever since I got trapped in an elevator, I've been claustrophobic and know I'd never be able to handle it!)

Allen's favorite sport is Racquetball, and his favorite food is Popcorn. ( Oh a man after my own heart!)

Allen has a pet named Tasha, a great pyrenes (* I have to find out what this is.)He has a website at

though he stated on the phone that he doesn't actually have access to it at home.

He has no favorite types of roles and "loves doing them all." His favorite shows to watch on TV are sports shows and old films. He enjoys vacationing in San Francisco, New York, and London. He'd welcome the opportunity to tour a real submarine. (Wouldn't we all!) He's written several short stories and has considered writing a book!

And should a voyage sequel ever be offered, he'd take it on: "of course, it would be great fun." And so Allen is on his way to England and the Voyage Convention as this is being posted, a true Voyager and a very nice man I know we'd all love to meet!

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