In loving memory

In memory of my beloved mother, Shirley M.Stratton Foss, who passed from this life on Christmas Day night 2005.



Carol Foss

Copyright Carol Foss

The clouds wept for fear the sun would never shine again,

But their tears were mine.

The songbirds fell silent for fear that joy was gone,

But their sorrow was mine.

The void of her passing was deeper than the sea,

But the abyss was mine.

The pain will pass, the flowers say,

The rainbows pierce the gloom,

A Promise made, soothing balm of hope;

Who am I to dwell on loss, though she be far away,

Waiting for the day when I too shall come,

In the Glory of that Day.

No tears to wet my face again,

No pain to tear my soul,

No agonies of life I knew,

When Christ shall say 'hello'.