For Lee



Gwendolyn Dawn Morton snuggled closer to the man by her side as they lay together in the dark of his bedroom. Wendy smothered a happy sigh as she felt Lee's arms tighten around her, pulling her closer as he slept. She had thought about this for a long time, being with him like this. She had loved Lee since she first set eyes on him. Of course, to hear the story, she wasn't the only one in love with him. It seemed to her that every women she had run across here at the Institute had a least some level of a crush on the young commander.


For the moment, he was hers, and she wasn't relinquishing her claim on him. There was only one other lady out there for her to compete with and even as she admitted to herself that she loved Lee, Wendy knew there was no way she could compete with the entity known as the Seaview.


Being Seaview's skipper was as much a part of Lee as his hands or fingers. You couldn't take one away from the other. Wendy knew she'd be a fool to try. She saw her brother's marriage go down the tubes fast when Vanessa started singing for Chip to get a shore job. Chip was as bad as Lee. Seaview was in their blood, and anybody who tried to separate or come between the two was destined for a devil of a heartache.


Wendy slowly turned to rest her gaze on the man she had loved for so long. He looked peaceful. His long dark lashes against his high cheekbones, his dark curly hair tasseled from tossing in his sleep. She resisted the urge to run her fingers over the strong curve of his jawline, the slope of his chin, the tight muscles of his neck as he breathed. His nightshirt had come unbuttoned, exposing a line of smooth lean chest. In the darkness, Wendy could not see the scars she knew were there. There was a bullet crease scar high on his left arm, and another bullet scar lower down on the same arm. Then there was the unexplainable scar low on his midsection, a scar that no one talked about. When she mentioned it to Lee, his amber eyes, kissed with that touch of jade, grew dark and he told her it was nothing and not to worry about it.


Experience had taught Wendy not to make any sudden moves, just keep her moves slow and natural. Lee was a light sleeper and could wake at the slightest touch. She was surprised at how deeply he seemed to sleep now. His last run, while it hadn't lasted long, had been a rough one from the way Chip had been acting when they got back. He had kept casting anxious glances at his friend, again leading Wendy to wonder what Lee tangled with in the depths and far reaches of the oceans he roamed nomadically. It was only when she promised to see him home that Chip's anxious gaze faded and he stepped back.


Wendy sighed this time and rested her head against his chest, feeling the hitch of his breathing as he registered the movement in his sleep. She settled in closer, bracing one hand on his chest, feeling Lee's heartbeat pulse through her hand, strong, steady and true. Just like Lee, strong in the face of adversity, steady and unwavering in his conviction of what was right and wrong, and true, like her love for him.