The Fly

(Edited by 'catfish')


See Andre. See Andre bug eyed watching his Disintegrator-Integrator Experiment.


See kissypooh. See big mistake. The experiment, not the Kissypooh, but that's a matter of opinion.


See dissapointed scientist. Time to start again.

Maybe he didn't do all of his homework before he tried the experiment.


"I know you're not a guinea pig but you'll do."

It failed! Will Andre give up?


A Kissypooh again. He must have figured something out...oh, re-integrated drinks of some kind. What a savings on the beverage market.


"Am I a smart scientist or what? Time to conduct a further experiment and corner the market."

"Or not."


Try, try again....

"I guess it didn't work. Can I still have a kissypooh even if you have a can of bug spray in your hand?"


"I'm a..a..Failure!! And that poor fly, what must it being going through? Our atoms all mixed up together. Why? Why? This experiment is just too dangerous. It must be destroyed....I must be destroyed...before anyone knows what happened and that that disintegrator-integrator could theoretically be used as a horrible weapon against mankind or insects!"

See Andre's last words. But don't be sad. His wife put him out of his misery and he's gone to that happy place for all mad scientists, or was it late-nite TV? Only time will tell.

"You think he had problems? Get me outta this spiderweb!"

The End

*No infringement is intended or implied by this spoof upon 20th Cent. Fox's The Fly.