In Support of Marine Conservation a historical and innovative event has been arranged aimed at raising funds to protect the oceans and the marine life they contain. Prince Rainer III of Monaco & the Nelson Institute of Marine Research, have combined with Conservation International to host a benefit intended to raise money for Indonesian conservation efforts.

HSH Prince Rainer III of Monaco and the Nelson Institute of Marine Research will host the worlds most unique auction on the evening of July 19th 1967 at Monacos Oceanographic Museum. Also attending will be members of the Cousteau family who are joining this most worthy cause. The proceeds will benefit marine conservation programs associated with the long-term preservation of endangered species as well as other environmental and biodiversity-related programs.

Up on the block are the naming rights for ten newly discovered marine species. With the blessing of the scientists who discovered them, the scientific names of 12 new marine species will be auctioned. This will be formed by the specific Latin species title name chosen by you and Genus descriptor. For example; Panthera tigris. Panthera (genus), Tigris (species), otherwise known as the Bengal Tiger.

This event will feature twenty lots, consisting of naming rights to new species, a newly commissioned vessel, and inclusion on forthcoming scientific expeditions. Among others, a recently discovered species of Indonesian walking shark (Hemiscyllium sp.) could be named after you!

Lot number 4 is a personal gift from His Supreme Highness. The lucky winner will meet Prince Rainier and then be included on an expedition to support biodiversity and environmental protection programs carried out by Monaco NGOs under the leadership of the Prince Rainer III Foundation.

This is for those individuals who are keen to discover their own new species. We are arranging a 10-day expedition with six CI marine scientists to explore and find possible new species in the waters around Indonesia. Rest assured this wont be roughing it; the winning bidder can bring up to eight additional guests on board a Buginese schooner, one of the most luxurious live aboard dive vessels in the Indonesian fleet. This package includes the full 10-day charter of the Buginese schooner, all diving equipment and instruction, food and accommodation but airfares to Papua must be arranged separately. Dates for the expedition would be by negotiation with the winner, subject to availability of the ship.

Another highly prized lot is a, 2- week scientific diving expedition on the NIMR submarine Seaview, as a guest of Admiral Harriman Nelson and his crew.

A further lot is the naming of the Floating Ranger Station patrol vessel. It will be purchased and refitted as a customized vessel for patrolling the remote reefs of Raja Ampat. A full patrol team can be stationed comfortably at sea for several weeks on this vessel, which uses a fast speedboat for engagement with suspected illegal fishing activities, such as blast fishing and shark finning.

In addition there will also be several fantastic secret auction lots put up for bids. The surprise lots could be anything from an invitation to the Monaco Grand Prix as a personal guest of by HSH Prince Rainer III and HRH Princess Grace, with dinner at the Gala reception afterwards, to diving lessons conducted aboard Seaview by its highly qualified personnel. Also available, a one-day cruise of the Mediterrian or along the California coast aboard the worlds most extraordinary submarine and dinner hosted by her officers and crew. How about a trip in the Flying Sub flown personally by Capt. Crane? The possibilities for this very unique, exciting and unusual event of a secret auction will be listed in the forthcoming auction catalog, so be sure and check it out. By successfully bidding on a secret lot you are guaranteed to have an unusual, exciting, experience with whichever lot you win.

All proceeds from the event will go to support capacity building for Indonesian scientists, education initiatives and enforcement efforts; toward our goal of ensuring Indonesia's incredibly diverse marine life continues to thrive.

At the close of The Auction, winning bidders shall receive a Certificate with the name of the winning bidder and the picture, number of the winning Lot and the winner of the secret auction lot will receive the information on their very special adventure along with their certificate for that Lot.

Regarding the naming of newly discovered species, CI shall inform the winners if their naming preferences are acceptable after seeking the approval of the respective scientific authorities. The winners may then have the official name of said Lot entered on the Certificate and display it publicly with the name of the winning bidder and the picture and number of their selected species.