Engineered Monsters

These monsters have been created,modified or engineered by mad scientists and/or other persons by design or accident.

Plankton Monster Price of Doom

Catfish; Octopus Village of Guilt

3. Robot Indestructible Man;

4. Protoplasm Monster Cradle of the Deep

5.Dr.1; Dr.2; Diver;The Amphibeans

6. Nelson Cyborg, Gundy Cyborg (The Cyborg);

7. Dr. Stanley (Leviathon);

8. menfish (The Menfish);

9. mechanical man. (The Mechanical man)

10.Fossil Men(Fossil Men)

11. Mummy (the Mummy)

12.Golden Man, Golden Morton(Fires of death);


14.Crane man-=beast, Braddock manbeast (Man Beast)