Dark and Stormy


Leigh Holman


It was night-a dark and stormy night,

And the sea was lit by a ghostly light.

As the Captain stepped on the deck

He was seized violently by the neck,

Dark figures rushed down and aboard

These men-a mean and vicious horde

With plans that they dared to dream

Of world take-over and other schemes.

But first they needed a ship at sea

And now they had the perfect key.

They could not be refused, nothing they lack

With a gun at the Captain's back.

They moved quietly down the ladder

The Exect. Looked to see what's the matter.

The boss, the Leader held up his gun

And the takeover of the Seaview had begun.


The men moved down and into place

One Struck the Admiral across the face.

As the Admiral fell, he reached out

Causing the Leader to turn and shout.

Pulling his gun and turning around

The Leader shot the man to the ground.

Helping the Admiral up from the floor

He motioned the Captain near the door.

"I need your sub, I have a mission

and it is best that I have your permission."

He asked the Admiral, pointing the gun

"Or you will certain lose this one."

The Admiral followed the gun's motion,

"It's only another body lost in the ocean."

The Leader explained, Stepping to the stern

"It's best to follow me, as you shall learn."


He called to his man, for him to step to

"I need for the Admiral to follow through.

Take this man away; keep him under the gun

The blond I need, for the sub to run."

He stepped to the table, unrolled a page

And pointed to the paper, crinkled with age.

"This is the spot that the ship went down.

Here" he pointed, "the gold will be found."

Pulling his gun, he stuck it in Morton's face,

"I don't want another to take your place."

"Listen to me and do as I say,

And you might live to sail another day."

The blond man nodded and turned about,

Looked at the crew but was thinking this out.

"I have the route, and know the way,

But you will have to let me have my say."


Morton turned and studied the map,

His pencil did a steady tap, tap.

The Leader smiled, the man showed fear

His hand was shaking when he came near.

No one spoke, no one would even speak

Quietly, they noticed the quiet beat,

The hands was steady with every tap,

The code came through with every rap.

With realization the Admiral understood

The message carried in that piece of wood.

How the men should act, what they would do

Now they waited and the time scarcely flew,

Morton eyes never looked up from the map

On the table, the pencil continued to tap.

The men stood ready, able to act.

The Leader never expected the fact.


The Captain walked quietly down the hall

Determined to make the man behind him fall.

He had no concern about the control room

There the Leader was surely doomed.

He turned suddenly and pitched to the door,

Knocking the other man to the floor,

The gun fell from his hand, a shot rang out,

The sub pitched forward and turned about.

Surprising the men, and the Leader off guard,

He fell against the deck, falling hard.

He lay there stunned, where he did land.

The Admiral stood over him gun in hand

"This time you failed, you made a mistake,

You picked the wrong sub to try to take.

The gold is there at the bottom of the sea,

There it will remain, there it will be."


It was a dark and stormy night,

The sea was lit by a ghostly light.

As the Captain stepped out on the bridge

And rested against the cold metal ridge.

Behind him he heard a creak, a strain-

The Admiral and Morton joined Crane.

And the looked out into the fading light,

Yes, it was a cold, dark and stormy night.