Ghost Story


Monique Noel


"It was a dark and stormy night and aboard the ship reigned an uneasiness and heavy feeling.’

‘It started around 08:00 when for no apparent reason, an electronic circuit blew up in the mechanical chamber. Chief Sharkey and two men went to inspect and do the repairs when all of a sudden another explosion occurred and caught the Chief by surprise and knock him out."


"The Skipper was getting impatient, the crews could feel the tension in the control room. Being stuck in the devil’s triangle at this time of years was not a sailor’s delight. It may be only legends to some but reports of recent disappearance of ships nearby had him worried. One of those ships carried a new biological weapon and the Seaview has been called in to investigate. As he did not received any word from the Chief, he left the com to O’Brien, he set out to check on the situation."


"Meanwhile, Chief Sharkey woke up and look around him. The room was still smoky and when his head stop spinning, he when on to check on the two crewmen. He noticed that the ballast mechanical controls have been blown-up. He afterward took the microphone to advise the control room of the second explosion. These two explosions had the undesirable effect of stranding the Seaview afloat and with the storm getting stronger. There was a bumpy ride ahead.


"When the Captain reached the control room, he and Sharkey examined the panel and realized that a bomb has been placed in. After sending Sharkey and the two crewman to sickbay for checkup, Captain Crane went on to investigate how this could happen."


Captain Crane rejoined the Admiral and other senior officers and started to discuss the recent events. When sitting beside the Admiral, a voice was heard asking: "Uncle Harry, can you pass the marshmallows?" Reluctantly the Admiral stopped his story telling and passed the marshmallows to RC, Captain Crane’s son.

*author's note: RC first appeared in A Time to Love, A Time to Die by Linda Delaney