Dear Mr Morton

Lillian H


We’d like to declare

That you capture our hearts with your piercing blue stare.

Those bedroom eyes and handsome face

Really do make our pulses race.

You cause us to flutter like moths to a flame

As we swoon with pride at the call of your name.

Your voice so commanding, strong and clear,

Holds us spellbound just waiting to hear

The way you respond to your Captain and friend,

Or issue the orders he asks you to send.

When you call out, Dive, Dive, Dive!

It’s moments like that, that keep as alive.

You’re aloof sometimes, set apart from the crowd

But you’re the Exec, for crying out loud.

The man on whom the crew can depend

And we know you will stay with them right to the end.

As you struggle with aliens to protect the men

We hold our breath ‘till you all triumph again.

We watch you each time, dealing with danger,

You’re our hero of course, no longer a stranger.

Stoic and stern but kindly too,

Those are the qualities we admire in you.


Perhaps we are foolish, to have such esteem

For a fictional man who’s just part of a team.

But please understand our simple endeavours

To write of a hero we hold beyond measure.

Allow us our fantasies to thrill girlish hearts

Aged as we are, we’re not falling apart!

We merely look for a safe place to hide

From the daily irritations of our lives outside.

A place of refuge that does you no harm

We like to bask in the warmth of your charm.

To create our stories of heroes so bold

That stay young in our hearts, as our bodies grow old

We know you’re not ‘real’ so have no fear

But even our daydreams, we’d like to make clear,

Become important to those who believe

That it’s quite all right to wear our hearts on our sleeve.


I send this to someone who has brought such delight

And helped make my wishes and dreams to take flight

Finally, Mr. Morton, I believe you’re a dear

You’ve made my day, in fact my whole year!