Angie, just a couple of stories ready for the Scuttlebut.

        Lt.Cmdr. Wayne aka 'Duty Doc'2'



Votes are still being tallied for the best costume at last weekend's Costume Party; though it's a sure      bet there may be a special mention for an unintended guest, in a complete fur costume, who crashed the party and insisted on nuzzling Captain Crane in full view of everyone.

That's right, the Skipper's latest sweetie is none other than a female Border Collie puppy, courtesy of 'Lucky', who you may recall is owned by one of Crane's Navy colleagues, Lt.Cmdr. 'Joe' Jackson.

The pup arrived via Fur-Ball Express, noted live cargo transport specialists, as a complete surprise to Captain Crane just minutes before the party was scheduled to begin and the only accomodation deemed suitable, and uncarpeted, for the moment was Miss Sweetly's office. Unfortunately the canine escaped due to a loose latch.

The puppy is still nameless, and the Skipper is accepting nominations before he has to register his latest girl with the city. Should he be unable to decide, the winning name will be picked out of a bag by one of the NIMR staff.

Up for grabs will be an interim dog sitter while Crane makes some kind permanent arrangement for when he's at sea.  Rumor has it that he's drafted his long distance Mom with the promise of a month long stay in Las Vegasas well as her own condo, but this hasn't been confirmed or denied by the parties in question.



       Cashmerian,NIMR's adopted cat, origianlly a stowaway aboard Seaview,was responsible in part for the dunking the conference center patio received when Captain Crane tripped over him, spilling coffee on the cat, Miss Angie, and the deck. While one cup of coffee didn't do much damage, the hot beverage not only raised the feline's fur, but also the hackles of our Administrative Assistant who couldn't help jerking backwards into a crate of Champaign being unloaded at the kitchen entrance. Needless to say the decking got a proper libation, and Cashmerian and the Skipper found themselves in the doghouse.

     In point of fact Captain Crane was in the doghouse literally, as he took the cat to the vet's, then remembered he still needed supplies for his unexpected gift,(which was safely seconded in Miss Sweetly's office) and the only pet shop open was aptly called 'The Doghouse'.

  And while Cashmerian's been given a clean bill of health, Miss Angie's sweater, alas, was mortally wounded.