Nelson institute of marine research

Santa barbara, california

Admiral harriman nelson, ceo



Lee Crane

Hilton Hotel

Waikiki, Hawaii

Lee, you are driving me to an early grave! Of all the harebrained, pigheaded, cockamamie stunts! And leaving me out of it!

So there you are, enjoying a fabulous all paid weekend, while I get stuck with all the blasted paperwork! You know very well that Chip's not here and Sharkey's at Space Camp!

If you HAD to help out your friends at their toilet paper company, couldn't you have been a little LESS helpful???

Seeing that TV commercial with the toy diver in the yellow diving suit being chased by a shark was bad enough (vain, aren't you), making sure it was a dark haired diver to boot, well, we all know it was meant to be you! And that stupid shark chasing you! ( the toy diver). Well, Lee, what other life experience did you contribute? The toilet paper 'force field' that the little boy 'rescued' the diver with? REALLY, Lee!

What can we expect next? A submarine toy?? Do you want me to break out some 'Lego's???

Enough talk! No more 'helpful' hints to corporations unless I say so! Got it??

Good grief, Lee, you could at least have included another diver, say one with red hair, and a silver diving suit? I'd like a chance at a paid vacation for my 'technical advice' as well, you know.