(A bit of fun)

Comic Relief.

By Lillian H.




The tall, dark, handsome Captain stood braced on the rolling deck, beside him stood his Executive officer, a blond man of equal height and comparable good looks. Both were square jawed, broad shouldered and strong.


 The other crewmembers were looking to their officers for leadership in the present crisis.


“Captain! We’re going down sir1” the Executive officer called.


“Steady No.1. We’re not beaten yet. Blow ballast, up ten degree bubble and level off the planes.”




The superior, sophisticated submarine slowly levelled off but continued to descend. The tentacles of the giant octopus were wrapped around the vessel and it was being dragged down to a lair at the bottom of the sea.


An auburn haired, sturdy officer joined them.


“Admiral sir, what shall we do?” the Captain asked his commander.


“Captain, power up the reactor and send an electrical charge through the hull, it might be enough to shake us free.


Crewmen pushed the levers and controls to carry out the order.




The reactor increased its power and in the control room the surge registers on the monitors, where flashing lights indicate readiness.


“Captain, we have full power!” calls the Exec.


“Thank you Commander…. fire a ten second burst on my mark.  Mark!”




The submarine’s hull glowed a shining white and the giant octopus received the full force of the charge. It reared and withdrew its tentacles. The submarine was free.


“We’re free Skipper but we can’t ascend, the drive planes have been damaged. We’re dead in the water!”


“I know No.1. I’ll have to go out and make repairs.”




In the missile room the Captain and three sailors prepare to go out into the deep ocean.


“Captain are you sure about this? You’re risking your life sir,” The tall blond First officer looked concerned.


“Yes, No 1. We need to repair the planes if we are to survive.” He stood tall and firm. “ It’s my duty to try.”


“Captain you are a very brave man,” the Admiral stated proudly.




In the cold, dark ocean, the Captain and sailors swam towards the damaged section of the submarine. As they were finishing the repairs they did not see the giant octopus approaching them. It reached out and wrapped a tentacle around one of the divers.


“Captain, help! I can’t breathe sir!”


“Hold on, I’m coming.”




The Captain swam towards the giant creature and drew his knife. He stabbed fiercely at the tentacle but the creature did not release the sailor. The Captain swam towards the eye avoiding the other flailing tentacles. He pierced the eye with several blows and the creature reared in pain, releasing the other diver.


“Get him back to the ship; swim for the hatch.”


As he turned to follow the divers, the octopus made one last pass with a tentacle and ensnared the Captain in its grasp.




As the Captain struggled, another diver arrived to help him. Together they both fought against the dying creature’s attempts to kill them. Slowly the other diver released his Captain and they swam back to the submarine.





They exited the escape hatch and stood in the missile room. Both men removed their wetsuits.


“Captain are you okay?”


“Yes, thanks to you No.1. You really saved my life,” The Captain shook the other man’s hand.




 Later the three officers were sitting in the nose of the ship.


“Well Captain, are the repairs finished?” the Admiral asked.


“Yes sir, we’re already heading for home,” The Captain answered smiling.


“It’s only thanks to your bravery Captain. You saved the boat and it’s crew again!” said the Exec.




Slowly as they turned the last page of the comic strip they had each been given, Nelson, Crane and Morton, raised their eyes to look at each other.


Admiral Harriman Nelson, head of the Nelson Institute for Marine Research was trying hard not to laugh.


Captain Lee Crane, Seaview’s commanding officer was sitting looking amazed and Lt. Commander Chip Morton, his Executive officer looked directly at the only other occupant in the room.


“You cannot be seriously suggesting that the Institute endorses this….this…Fantasy!” he said to the rather earnest young man, who watched them intently.


“Didn’t you like it?” he said in a shocked voice. “I know it’s kind of rough at the moment but with your help to fill in the technical details and……”


Help! You want us to help you? Are you mad? This is nothing like who we are. A comic strip about the Institute and Seaview should be about the serious work we do. Not frivolous nonsense….giant Octopus, monstrous sea creatures, space invaders…good grief this will make us a laughing stock!” the Captain stood and paced the room.


“Lee, calm down. It’s only a proposal.” Looking towards the curly haired youth, who reminded him more of a ‘hippy’ than the editor of a popular comic magazine publishing company, he said. “Son, I appreciate your hard work on this project but the Institute is a serious organisation and even though publicity for our endeavours can be useful, I tend to agree with my officers. This may not be the right medium for us.”


“You’re not going to endorse it then.” He looked disappointed. “Oh well, it’s a shame. I think you’re making a big mistake; we could have made you into legends. One day someone is going to publish your adventures and we would have at least allowed you an involvement.  Oh well, I guess it means I’ll have to go with the Incredible Spiderman instead.”


Standing he shook hands with each officer and left.


Silence remained. Then the Admiral could contain his amusement no longer. He laughed loudly and heartily. Lee and Chip looked at him then at each other and smiled, slowly they joined his laughter with their own.


When they had sobered themselves the Admiral looked at them, “ Well, gentlemen. It seems we are the stuff legends are made of; do you feel like being legend?” He smiled at both men and shook his head. “ Let’s discuss our next mission to the Arctic Ocean and a get little reality back into the proceedings.”