Collaborative Works


Dead Before Morning by Sally & Pauline *posted April 8, 2013

C.Lyn Barrow, Fidelma C., Liz Martin



Project Nightmare *posted 9 July 2005*

Catfish, Adrienne
To the Seaview Doctor *aka The Hair Away Memos. You may need to see the episode Manbeast to understand these.

Catfish, Merdee, Samira
Blue Bikini

Catfish, Zontar

The Guest

Carol Foss, J. Lynn

The Plot Thickens Why does Crane ask 'Bligh'for help?

Ada Richardson & Carolyn Brown

Riley's Halloweeen Surf's up for Riley, or is it?*posted 21 Oct '00*

Sandy Wilson with Carol Foss

Manbeast Braddock's experiment isn't over yet!

carolyn Brown, Lil Quong

Birthday Wishes

Pat Cave, Lillian H.

All About Trust*Revised from original posting on the Sub Pen*posted 18 Mar.2006*

Intervention *posted 27 Oct. 2005

Three Birds With One Stone*posted 2 June 2006.

Strike Yer Colours*posted 08 Aug. 2006

Mirror, Mirror *posted 24 Feb. 2007

Sue O'Neil, Lillian H.

Things That Go Bump In The Night Entry for Lillian's Challenge *posted 31 Oct 2008

Teela J. , Donna S.

Chip's Birthday

Double Vision*posted 8/8/2010

Refraction in the Looking Glass*posted 8/22/2010

Through the Glass, Darkly *posted 8/22/2010(see Mature Themes subsite)