Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton


Hi mom,

Beware the mutant salt eating, acid drinking fish. The last dive team found one the ugliest, bi ggest, yukiest looking fish to date, along for a swim with itís mutant tentalced friend no less.

The admiralís happy as a clam, examining them both. But it sure was a chore getting the specimens aboard alive and unharmed without hurting our own men.


Bradley volunteered to go out to assist Ski and Riley, and I was more than surprised when Lee said he could. Sharkey went with him but didnít say anything.That has to be a first.


Iím surprised Lee didnít go out himself. I guess he thought it would do Bradley some good. But he may regret it, Bradley that is. Heís back on the roster, unofficially that is, but I have a sneaky feeling heíll be doing more, now that the Admiralís postponed our return and weíll be continuing our surveys.


So, Iím not sure if I can get back in time for the big day. Keeping my fingers crossed. This giant fish thing could simply be a freak. Oh, Brad made these after the encounter. A bit glamourized, but not too bad- for Hollywood !

Give Wildfire some extra oats from me.