Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton


Dear Mom,


Will wonders never cease? Chief Sharkey actually volunteered himself to buddy up with Bradley! The Poor kid turned green at the thought of it, but he didn’t back out when he had the chance. Good kid.

And look at the picture he made of me.


Doc keeps hovering around to check for burns on the divers. Seems as though this higher salinity area near an undersea vent the dive team found comes with a few very potent acids that actually ate through their wetsuits. That in itself is not al that unusual, we’ve found such vents before and the fish usually have the good sense to stay away from them. The ones that do venture too close seem to be quite at home there.


We still haven’t seen any of the so-called mutant fish that one of the fishing boats reported and it may all have been a great big joke. Lee was awfully mad about something when they spoke to him to say that their cook had fixed the two headed thing for supper-raw and everyone was sick. Lee’s convinced the Admiral that we’re wasting our time, and risking good men and equipment on a wild fish chase. His words, not mine.


Another day, the Admiral says, and then we’ll call it quits and head for home.