Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton




Dear Mom,


Well, we’re off again on another short cruise. Ha ha. I can’t count how many times I’ve said that before. But this one actually looks like it will be. Just a simple excursion to take some water samples for a salinity survey. So  hopefully I can get up there for the big family BBQ.


Lee hasn’t decided if he’ll be comming along. I think he has cold feet about meeting Wildfire. I told him she’s a gentle old nag, but he keeps on hedging. Maybe he just doesn’t like horses. I know he doesn’t like Westerns, so ranch life probably doesn’t appeal to him at all.


We have a weekend wonder aboard this time. Nice kid, but some of the men have taken a dislike to him. Something about his ‘holier than thou’  attitude, but frankly I haven’t seen it. It could be they have a simple case of jealously for a college boy. I’ll have to keep my ‘evil eye’ on things, but I doubt if anyone will actually cause any trouble, as the ‘Captain’ has sort of taken him under his wing. Even sat for him so the kid could practice his ‘homework’ during his Spring Break. It’s a pretty good portrait of Lee, actually. The kid’s  got talent that’s for sure.


I hear the chopper hovering for the mailbag, so I’ll close for now and get back to scaring the pants off the crew. Ahh the power of a lowly exec.


Love to all,