Lest we forget, a brief synopsis of some of Nelson's crew:

Commander Lee Crane, Captain of SSRN Seaview: Drafted from active duty in the Navy to fill in for murdered Captain John Phillips:

According to Washington, Crane is "...the best submarine commander in the Navy..."~Eleven Days to Zero~ and according to Admiral Nelson, he, Nelson is Crane's 'friend, enemy, partner, rival, big brother, blood brother, and sometimes he'd like to bash his head in.'~paraphrased:City Beneath the Sea~

Accomplishments include: Saving the world (several times), defeating aliens (often),saving his boat(matter of course),risking his life and career to save his boat, his crew, his country, his world and his friend, Nelson.

Chief Francis Sharkey, Chief of the Boat:

A faithful friend, even to not telling the Captain when the Admiral's gone mad. Ready and willing to roll up his sleeves and donate blood if the Captain needs a transfusion.(What else is new?)Accomplishments include being sadled with the name of Francis Ethlebert without showing too much bitterness about it, only embarassment, and getting a single A in high school for of all things, cooking.

Seaman Kowalski aka 'Ski':

One of the most loyal,dependable crewman aboard. 'Volunteered' by the Chief for more dangerous assignments than anyone else. Accomplishments include being the 'best girl watcher aboard' and is almost always requested by the Captain when he needs help to save the world.

Seaman Stu Riley:

One of the livlier crewmen aboard, Riley has an incurably good nature. Accomplishments include Surfing, speaking surfer jargon,writing, reading and playing music, and driving the Chief nuts.

In the poll to give Ski a name, Bill and Bob were the top names, with a few more unusual names submitted such as Basil and Casimir. Thanks to all who voted to help our unsung hero.Catfish

Just for Fun

'Hey, if nobody has another quarter, it'll be 'game over' for the whole world.'

'No, no, no, Captain. It zips like this.'

'And to think I'll even have a toy sub to play with in the bathtub.'

'Now, what's this about a 'tie monster'?

Chiller Theatre Expo 2004

It's been about 40 years since 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' last aired on TV, but it's been in our hearts to such an extent that many of us write our own stories for it and still get weak in the knees when we see any of our favorite 'Seaviewers' in films, TV, and on the stage.

While many of us were unable to attend this greatly anticipated reunion of some of the cast members,I'm sure you'll agree that we're happy that at least some of them were able to rekindle old times and say 'hello'.

I was unable to attend myself and it is with grateful thanks that Diane Kachmar has shared her experiences and photos. I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I.

Catfish aka Carol Foss


"Now, here's the map. It may take awhile to air it out from the Whale's stomach, once we find the creature, that is. Regardless, the SeaGals expect to see us all at the Chiller Theatre Expo...even if it takes 40 years."

Welcome to the Chiller Theatre Expo 2004

Chiller Commentary* and event photos courtesy Diane Kachmar.


It's Official! The Reunion has begun!


David Hedison * Allan Hunt * Terry Becker * Del Monroe


Del chats with David.......David chats with Terry


David * Diane * Del........Diane * Terry


David shows off Chiller Plaque* ...David and Del look at a collector's item of a record of Voyage.

*A Plaque was presented to each of the Voyage guests from Ray Dutczak thanking them for the memories from their grateful fans.

David * Diane * Del * Allan * Terry


The Kachmars with David and the fabulous jacket

A most unsusual rendition of the Voyage theme can be heard by clicking the below picture.

Did you know....

Del Monroe's given name of 'Delbert' is a derivitive of Adlebert which is is also Albert. So he and David (Albert David Jr)Hedison actually share the same first name.

So what's in a name? Sometimes we're given names by our parents because they simply like the sound of them, or we're named after someone, but names can have more distant meanings:

Adlebert/Albert/Delbert are Teutonic in origin meaning 'Bright', David is from ancient Hebrew meaning 'Beloved One'.

Many thanks to 'Sigpsud' for above image of David's application for AFTRA.

Del's signature

Alan is from ancient Celtic meaning 'Handsome One'.

Terry is a derivative of 'Terance' which is from the Latin 'Tender', or 'Gracious'.

So just think of it, Irwin Allen on the phone to Fox, "Well, the Bright Beloved One is on the set, but the Gracious Tender one is having trouble with the costuming department about the Hawaiian shirt, and the Handsome One is out practicing surfing in the green tank."

And speaking of Irwin Allen, he has the most interesting of names, etomologicaly speaking. 'Irwin' is a double variant of 'Erwin' from Old German 'Eben' and 'Win', meaning 'Wild Boar Friend'. Hmm. sounds like an idea for a story...in prime time. Any takers?

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