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After Charlie

by 'Catfish'

Where's my pith helmet?


No swimming for a while as the screen room threatens to cave in on itself. Two days later the water was a brown stinking pond. No power, no filter.

On the roof. A tree decides to make a hole in the roof, breaking the beams and making two long splits in the cieling. Don't get me wrong. I like waterfalls, but not in the house.

Blessed generator. The five year old, never used before and extreemly noisy machine that lived on oil and fuel, gave us two light bulbs, two fans, a microwave and the fridge. Too bad it wasn't powerful enough to work the AC.

After 7 days without power, it was sickeningly sweltering down here. I felt quite ill during the outage and managed to nab the last hotel room in the county with power and AC. Perhaps I should move to Kansas, oops, no, it has tornadoes. Perhaps California, no, it has earthquakes. Hawaii? No. Cyclones and volcanoes. I guess it just goes to show you can't win against Mother Nature. Sigh. Hmmm. Alaska sounds nice. And Cold.Wish I could go there right now, especially with another !@#$%%^ hurricane out there making Florida rather nervous.