Catfish's Critques

These are my own OPINIONATED reviews of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea stories appearing in 'fanzines' and on the Web. Novellizations of scripts/episodes or poetry not reviewed. NOTICE: Will be adding further reviews of additonal # zine editions, new zines, old zines, and website zines on a hopefully continual basis.

To read a synopsis/review just click the underlined title

Anchors Away # 1,2,3,4: (fanzine)
Silent Running # 1,2,3: (fanzine)
Sonar Readings: (fanzine)
Deep Trouble: (novella)
Below the Surface #1,2,3,4,6: (fanzine)
Below the Surface # 5, 7,8,9: (fanzine)
Convention Fiction 94:
Convention Fiction 97:
Crisis, Marooned, Power Trip (novellas), Fathom (zine):