The Captain of the Boat


Caitlin Delaney (age 17)

He is tall, 6’1, lean and dark.

His age is a mystery, although I guess at 35.

His eyes are amber hazel, dark and alive.

He favors work Khakis, sans tie, and formality,

He wears no weapons, but commands with finality.

He commands a submarine, lean, sleek and grey,

Holding the respect of his men, from each day to day.

His demeanor is serious, though many know,

His wit and his humor are present, even when they don’t show.

His best know trait is that he always does ‘the right thing’.

Not what’s fair, or liked but ‘right’ as can be,

At high cost to himself, tho’ that matters not to him.

He is broody at times, deeply sad too,

Many things have come to pass for him, that we would not do.

He often is seen in the bow of his boat, just sitting and thinking,

And brooding at times. He can galvanize to action, and bravely lead his men

And take care of his boat, as she protects them.

The ‘Silent Service’ has called to his heart,

And he gives it his fullest, his word, and his loyalty,

For ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ with nary a thought.

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Up periscope!

Dive the boat!" are words often said.

His job is his life, his men his family…

There is nothing he holds in his heart more dearly.

No lady, no lover, no close friend, no wife…

His Boat is his lady, his love, his life.

There is little else that I can say here, tho’ there are pages of him to explore.

He is the Captain…the Captain of the Boat,

His men are his family, the boat is his life,

This dark-haired man, with sadly, no wife.

His boat is his home, his heart, his existence.

And because of him, the enemies keep their distance