Hi Mom,

Well, the Captain asked me if Iíd like to extend my time aboard. I had volunteered to help out Ski and Stu when they found this real wierd monster fish and itís companion octopus squid thing, so I guess he feels Iím worth keeping on. I really wanted to say yes, but I have to get back to class. And theyíre going to be out here awhile too long, investigating.

Admiral Nelson asked me if I wouldnít mind doing a collage of images from aboard Seaview for the Institute. To be paid a scale wage plus a commision for any prints sold. I know my major is art history, but this will be a nice addtion to my resume, donít you think.

Here are a few ideas I have already. I hope I can do the Institute and Seaview justice. I know my adventure wasnít one to write home about or get into a magazine, or be talked about with other Reservists, but at least for a short while I was one of her crew. And thatís whatís important.

This is the Admiral in deep thought.And the flying sub.




The Skipper at the mike and Seaview herself.





Home soon,