Dear Mom,


Well, Iím off the dive team. The Chief was really happy about that. I guess I should have expected it. I wasnít exactly quiet about how dissapointing this cruise has been. The Skipper told me he regretted removing me from the team, but we all still had our jobs to do, mundane as they are at times. That sometimes it was more important to do the booring everyday tasks than to be in the field of battle.


Then the Skipper removed me from the crew roster entirely, thanked me for the time already spent and said I could spend my time doing anything I liked as long as I didnít get in anyoneís way. I donít know but that kindaí hurt more than being on report or scrubbing out bilges. He hadnít yelled, he hadnít chewed me out, he just looked at me. I felt like a little kid and wished back everything Iíd said, but couldnít bring myself to apologise.


So, here I am. Sitting all alone in the Nose with my art supplies, with the Admiralís permission as a Ďguestí . Of course Iím sure there will be no offers of art work for the Institute now.


This is Ski and Stu before Sharkey sent them out in the flyng sub. Wish I was with them, even if they wonít talk to me. And this is the Captain burning a hole in my heart. I donít know why it should affect me like this. I guess I kind of feel as though Iíve betrayed them all. Maybe I have. I was a member of the crew if only briefly and I botched it.