Adm. H. Nelson


Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Sir:

We apologize for your recent difficulties with our new super deluxe dehydrated Navy Bean Soup mixtures. We have had no other complaints to date, so it may simply be a line manufacturing problem. Be assured, we are looking into it.

We had hoped, like you, that our new product would be a welcome addition to the nutritional needs of our fighting men.

We are, however, NOT LIABLE for the damage caused to your submarine from the depth charges your enemies fired at you in the recent little fracas with that new dictatorship of Dr. Whiz while you were on 'silent running' alert status.

In addition, we are also NOT LIABLE for your chief medical officer's nervous breakdown, nor your crew's emotional trauma due to compounded embarrassment.

For your convenience, we are referring the incident to our sister company, Wind Away, which will be contacting you soon.


Iam A. Gass


Iam A. Gass