Beach Blanket Encounter

by Lou Ann Steele

While growing up in the 60’s, I was a big fan of Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. I watched all of the beach party movies. When someone told me that she liked weird crossovers I got the idea to do a VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA and BEACH PARTY story. I combined the characters from all of the beach party and Gidget movies to create this story. So for you Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon and Gidget fans out there, this is for you.



A group of students from UCLA were taking advantage of spring break to enjoy a day at the beach. Three girls placed their blanket, ice coolers and surf board on the sand and made themselves comfortable away from the congestion of surfers and their surfboards. Deloris, who was called Dee Dee by her friends, was a twenty one year old girl with thick black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a modest two piece swimming suit.


The second girl was a twenty-one shapely blonde who went by the nickname of Animal. She had blue eyes, wore her long blond hair to her shoulders and was wearing a decent bikini.


The third girl was nineteen, the youngest in the group, called Gidget (girl midget). Her real name was Frances. She was slim, blue eyed and wore her shoulder length sun bleached blonde hair in a ponytail. She was the only one in the college group wearing a conservative one piece swim suit.


“I’m glad you talked me into coming with you, Dee Dee. I would’ve been miserable staying at home during spring break.” Gidget gave her two friends a brave smile; “I had planned to spend this week with Moondoggy in Hawaii surfing with the gang.”


“Instead the jerk drops you for an Italian foreign student.” Dee Dee answered.


Gidget sighed, “He met her when we were in Rome last year and they stayed in touch. Now she is taking classes at his university, they started seeing each other…”


“Behind your back.” Animal, who looked like Meredith McCrea, put her two cents in.


She admitted, “Yeah, behind my back. But to be fair, the only things Jeff and I had in common were surfing and music. That’s not enough to keep a relationship going. There were enough signs there to show me the relationship wasn’t going to last, but I simply chose to ignore them.”


“Well, it’s time for you to start enjoying yourself again. This is Zuma. The sun is shining and there are plenty of guys here to flirt with,” Animal motioned toward three men who had planted themselves down the beach. “And if you prefer mature men there are perfect examples over there.”


“Where?” Gidget perked up and followed Animal’s gaze. “Wow, there is enough for each one of us.”


“Gidge, you know I’m Frankie’s girl.” Dee Dee replied loyally.


“You know what your problem is Dee? You don’t play the field. Do you think Frankie is faithful to you?” Animal glanced over to Frankie who was having a serious discussion with a red haired girl wearing a pink bikini. “He’s over there right now flirting with that new girl who just showed up and the way they’re acting, I don’t think they are strangers.”


Dee Dee took a fast glance at Frankie and the girl in question. The new girl had carrot red hair that came down to her shoulders and was wearing a French bikini that was displaying too much of her assets. She didn’t feel threatened. Girls threw themselves at Frankie all of the time, but she trusted Frankie.


She turned back to her two friends. “I’m sure the situation is totally innocent,” she started digging through her bag to find her suntan lotion, ignoring Animal’s snort.


Over by Frankie’s surfboard, Frankie’s red headed girl friend had decided she was not going to put up with Frankie’s procrastination anymore. “Tell her Frankie right now or I will!” she demanded.


Frankie threw his hands up in the air as a gesture of surrender and gave a heavy sigh, “All right, I will. You stay here.”


He made his way over to the girls’ blanket and tapped on Dee Dee’s shoulder. She looked up with a big smile on her face. He thought to himself, Man, this is going to be hard.


“Dee Dee, I need to talk to you alone for a minute.”


“Sure, Frankie.” Dee Dee raised her hand and he helped her up. Then they walked down the beach away from their friends.


“I think Frankie is about to give our friend the heave ho again.” Animal stated with a sigh.


A little way down the beach from the girls, three older males were sitting on their beach towels enjoying the day off.


“Man, this is the life…sand, surf, chicks in bikinis and beer. A surfer’s paradise.” Stu Riley stated to his comrades as he took a swallow of his ice-cold beer.


“I really needed this,” Kowalski sighed wearily, “I’m so tired. It’s nice just to lay back and relax for awhile.”


“I was about to kill Chief Sharkey. He was unbearable until we finally found the short in the Circuitry Room.” Stu finished rubbing his exposed skin with tanning lotion and tossed the bottle at Patterson who caught it in one hand.


Pat opened the bottle and proceeded spread the white lotion over his skin, “ Yeah, it took three hours to find that damn short. I was beginning to think it was Sharkey’s imagination.”


“As much as I love my job, I was never so happy to get off that ship for awhile.” Ski lay down on his beach towel.


Riley watched the new arrivals to the beach with interest, “Come on guys. This is Zuma. There are chicks a-plenty here. Let’s have some fun.”


Ski had been watching the same group, If you’re referring to that large group over there, it looks like they’re already in groups of two.”


“ The day is early yet.” Riley refused to allow his enthusiasm dampened by his negative friends.


“ That’s what I love about you, Stu. You’re an optimist.” Pat answered with a smile as he put the lotion away in his gym bag.


Coming toward them on the beach was a couple walking hand and hand. The girl had short black hair, hour glass figure. The male with her had black hair, was slim and wearing boxer shorts swimsuit.


Frankie stopped a good distance from the college group, took her other hand in his free one and gave both hands a gentle squeeze. What he was going to tell her was not going to be easy and from past experiences he knew she was not going to take it well. “Dee Dee, we’ve been going together for almost four years now.”


Oh, my God is he proposing? She thought.


“I just don’t know how to say this.” his nervousness was showing in his voice.


“Frankie, are you trying to ask me to marry you?” She asked eagerly.


He threw her hands down in disgust, “ Hell, no! I’m trying to tell you that I’ve met someone else and I’m breaking up with you.”


Dee Dee stepped back two feet back from him in shock, But we’ve been going together for four years now. Why are you doing this?”


“Oh, come on Dee, get real! We’ve been seeing each other for four years and you won’t allow me to do anything except kiss you and on occasion some light petting.”


“Frankie, I’ve always told you that I’m saving myself for marriage.”


“Well, I’m tired of waiting Dee. I’m not interested in getting married right now. I want to have a good time after we graduate from college. I’ve met some girls who don’t use their bodies for sexual blackmail.”


“Yeah, and the girls will wind up pregnant or with sexual diseases because you can’t control your hormones.” Dee put her hands to her hips and stood defiantly in front of him. “I’ve never cheated on you, but you can’t say the same thing can you, Frankie? How many times have you broken up with me to go with some easy piece?”


“At least they weren’t frigid like you!” he fought back.


“I’m not frigid!”


“ I’ve had it, Dee. I’m going out with someone else and we’re through.”


“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to break up before we all decided to come out here? A simple phone call would have been better, but no as usual you had to tell me while we are here with our friends. So now I get to spend the rest of the day alone while you play kissy face with your new girl toy.”


“I thought it would be better to break up face to face.”


“Well you thought wrong! Go ahead and join your new playmate. Just remember one thing. I’m not taking you back this time when you get tired of her,” Dee Dee started to march away but Frankie grabbed one of her hands and pulled her back.


“Dee Dee…”


She jerked her hand out of his, “Drop dead loser!” She gave him a bitter look and took off at a pace away from him hiding the tears that were swelling up in her eyes.


“I think someone just split up,” Riley commented as she rushed by the seamen.


“His loss.” Pat answered back.


From behind the crewmen came a sudden roar of motor cycles that were traveling toward their direction.


“Gee, Stu, I thought we’re here for some peace and quiet and girl watching.” Ski complained as he sat up and looked toward the noise.


There were five male bikers and two female riders wearing black leather jackets riding five black motorcycles. They drove from the road, past the crewmen and then headed south down the beach toward the girl they had been watching.


“I think she needs help.” Pat said as he started to his feet.


Stu put his hand out to stop him. “Let’s wait first. They might be friends of hers.”


Pat nodded and sat back down, but kept his eyes on her.


The cyclists made a wide circle around Dee, turned off their engines and parked their bikes. Their leader Erick Von Zipper, a chubby little 35 year old man, got off his bike and walked over casually to the young girl. He opened his leather jacket, exposing a black tee shirt and proceeds to scratch his chest absent-mindedly. He looked at Dee’s tear stained face. “Me and the gang saw you and that surfer jerk on the beach. Youse guys break up again?”


Still hurting from the rejection she answered sarcastically, “Yeah, he found himself an easy piece.”


The other male bikers perked up with eager curiosity and looked up the beach hoping to catch at glance at this girl.


“Well, his loss is your gain because you are my ideal. You are my girl now.” Von Zipper announced smugly.


“No thanks. I just got rid of one jerk. I don’t need another.” Dee Dee tried to push past Erick, but he grabbed her roughly by the arm and jerked her into his arms.


“What Erick Von Zipper wants, Erick Von Zipper gets and he wants you.”


Dee Dee struggled violently in his arms, “Let me go!”


“You heard the lady. Let her go.” Pat’s voice ordered.


Von Zipper looked up to see three strangers had joined their group uninvited. “Who the hell are you?”


“I’m just a good Samaritan and you are upsetting the lady.” Pat stated.


“Well, Sam you should do your errand and leave us alone.” Von Zipper replied.


“Uh, Boss, he was telling you he’s doing a good deed,” the biker named J.D. (short for Juvenile Deliquent) translated.


“I knew that.” Erick responded back trying to cover up his ignorance.


Riley took an aggressive footstep nearer. “You heard the man. Make like a tree and leave.”


“And who is going to make us?” Erick was beginning to get nervous as he continued to hold on to Delores a little tighter. These strangers were different from the surfers they were used to tangling with. They were taller, rougher and more self-confident.


“We are.” Kowalski growled from Patterson’s left as the crewmen stared threateningly at the black leather group.


“And we are!” Gidget yelled as she and Animal joined the rescue party. Gidget was trying to look threatening armed with a small can of mace and Animal was holding a badminton racket ready to swing.


“I’m giving you the count of three to let her go.” Pat growled as his body stiffened to attack.


“Or what?” Von Zipper countered.


“One, Two. ”Then Pat punched Von Zipper in the jaw as Riley jerked Dee Dee physically out of harms way, “Three.”


Erick Von Zipper was knocked out cold in one punch landing spread eagle on the sand.


“Anyone else?” Ski gave the group an evil smile.


The rat pack without their leader was totally defenseless even though they outnumbered the crewmen and the two young women.


J.D. took over command of the group. He instructed his men to carefully pick up their precious leader from the ground and carried him to the passenger carrier on one of the bikes, “Von Zipper will return!” he yelled defiantly at the strangers as they straddled their bikes and noisily drove off down the beach.


“Can’t wait.” Kowalski yelled back sarcastically.


“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Pat asked Dee Dee.


Wow, what a gentleman, she thought to herself, No, I’m okay now thanks to all of you.”


“We had better escort them back to their friends in case those black leather jacket jokers decide to come back.” Kowalski advised.


“He’s right. We’ll walk you back. I guess we had better introduce ourselves. I’m Patterson and these our my friends, “ he waved toward each man as he made the introductions, “Stu and Kowalski.”


Dee Dee gave them a big smile. “I’m Delores, but please call me Dee Dee and these are my friends Gidget and Animal. Are you from here?”


“No, we’re from Santa Barbara.” Riley replied.


“But doesn’t Santa Barbara have a beach too?” Gidget wondered why they chose to be at that beach.


“Too close to work. We needed a change of scenery and some peace and quiet.” Ski responded.


Dee looked shamed faced, “I guess I screwed up your peace and quiet.”


“Hey, it happens to all of us at one time or another.” Stu looked at their cooler and towels, “One of us needs to stay behind to watch our things.”


“Why don’t you guys join us over there,” Dee pointed to where they had been sitting on the beach. “We would love the company.”


The guys gave each other a nod of approval and gathered up their belongings.


Dee took Pat’s arm as they walked back to the college group, “ What kind of work do you guys do?”


“We’re seamen.” Pat answered.


“Navy?” she asked him.


“No, but close. We all work on a submarine for a marine research institute.”


“Jacques Cousteau’s?”


“You’re pretty close. Have you heard of Nelson’s Institute for Marine Research?”

“Were you the ones responsible for finding that new species of fish last month?”


“Yep, that was us,” Riley jumped in. “We caught several different specimens below crush depth and they’re being studied at the Institute right now.”


“Have you decided what to call the one that made the news?” she was enjoying this conversation. It was far more interesting then the boys her age discussed.


“Oh, we had several names picked for that one,” Kowalski gave Animal a mischievous grin.


“We submitted several names, but the Admiral said they weren’t scientific enough to use.” Pat smiled with rememberance.


“Oh, tell us. What were the names?” Dee pleaded.


“Well, we’ll tell you the names that only can be said in front of ladies.” Pat answered.


Then they took turns rattling off names as they continued up the beach toward their destination,

“Pain in the butt, Frankenfish, plain anal, Medusa, Friday 13th, road kill, the squashy thing, the pukey ookey, shit happens, accident at birth, the creepy wiggling thing and what the f fish.”


“Speaking of weird names, how did you get the name Animal?” Ski asked enjoying the attention this well built blonde was giving him.


“You’ll find out later,” she promised as she grabbed his hand.


“Can’t wait.” Ski smiled back at her.


“You look awfully familiar,” Stu studied Gidget’s face as they arrived at their destination and he helped place their gear and coolers around the large blanket.


“So do you. Are you a surfer?” Gidget asked back.


“When I can. I compete several times a year.”


“Were you in Maui last summer?”


“Yeah, I got lucky. Our ship was having some repair work done at Pearl Harbor so I got the time off to complete. I came in fifth.”


“My ex boyfriend Jeff came in 6th place.”


Stu’s face lit up with remembrance, “You were with a guy nicked named Moon Doggy. I remember now. Is he here?”


“No, he’s Hawaii with his new girl friend.” Gidget’s voice showed Stu she hadn’t gotten over the break up.


“His loss my gain. ”


Gidget looked up into his face and saw he was sincere.


Out in the ocean, Frankie and Bone Head had just positioned their surf boards and were waiting for a good wave to ride. Bone Head noticed the new comers sitting with Dee Dee.


“Hey, Frankie,” Bone Head yelled from his surf board to his friend.


“What Goo Goo?”


“Who are those guys with Delores? I’ve never seen them before.”


Frankie looked at the strangers sitting down on the blanket with Delores and her friends. He had just broken up with her and now she seems to have gotten over him. It hurt his ego. “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”


“You split up with her remember and your new girl friend is patiently waiting on the beach for you.”


“Yeah, but I don’t want anyone to take advantage of her.”


“If she wouldn’t let you take advantage of her for four years, I’m sure she can take care of herself and she won’t appreciate you sticking your nose into her personal business.”


“Tough, I’m still going to check them out,” he took the next wave and rode it to the beach. No one on the blanket noticed his perfect ride or his approach.

Who’s your friends, Delores?”


Dee Dee stopped talking to Pat and looked up into Frankie’s face.


“Well, Dee, who’s your friends?” Frankie put his hands on his hips.


“Introduce us, Dee.” Pat said calmly as he casually put his arm around Dee’s shoulders showing possession. He had recognized the speaker as Dee’s ex boyfriend.


Delores reluctantly made the introductions. “Pat, Ski and Stu this is Frankie. Now go ride a wave or play with your new friend.”


Frankie would not be dismissed. “How long have you known Delores.


Pat casually glanced at his watch, “Thirty three minutes.”


“What do you know about these guys? You just met them. They can be some kind sexual perverts or criminals.”


“Excuse me for a minute Pat.” Dee stood up. “Frankie, we will finish this conversation over there.” She walked angrily to a place away from her group.


When he joined her, she let him have it with both barrels. “Who do you think you are? I’m fed up with you and your attitude. You dumped me remember? I’ve going on with my life now and I suggest you get your nose out of my business and go play with red head and your surf board and leave me alone.”


Dee, you don’t know anything about these men. You just met them.”


“Frankie, I’m twenty one years old, almost a college graduate, have an I.Q. and don’t need you to tell me what to do. I can make my own decision all by myself.”


“Frankie, what’s going on here?” asked an angry red head who joined them.


“Frankie, introduce us?” Dee mimicked him.


“Diane this is Delores.”


“Nice to meet you Diane. I owe you one.” Dee Dee said with a big friendly smile.


“What are you talking about?” Diane asked suspiciously.


“Because of you I met a group of real gentlemen.” Dee pointed to the group on the blanket. “You’re welcome to this phony imitation.”


“If that’s how you feel…” Frankie started.


“That’s exactly how I feel.” Dee replied defiantly. She turned her back on him and his girl friend and made her way back to her friends.


“Everything okay?” Pat asked.


“Yes, actually I feel a lot better. It’s time for dinner. How would you guys like to share our picnic dinner? We have plenty. We’ve country fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and homemade carrot cake.”


“We would love to,” the men replied.


An hour later, night had fallen. Riley and Gidget started a sing a long around a large campfire. Gidget had borrowed a guitar for him to play and several jumped in either to sing or hum to the lyrics. Animal and Kowalski had taken off to disappear behind surfboards for some personal activities leaving Pat and Dee Dee sitting alone on the blanket.


Pat had his arm wrapped around her to keep her warm. Her head resting on his shoulders.


“It’s so beautiful tonight. Look at the moon. It’s so full and big. It gives you the feeling that you can reach out and touch it.” Dee Dee spoke softly in to his ear.


“It’s not as beautiful as you are,” Pat replied back. “Why touch the moon, when I have heaven in my arms?”


Pat leaned down and captured Dee Dee’s mouth with his.


When she came up for air, she gave a weak “Wow!”


“Yeah, wow!” Pat replied a bit breathless, “Let’s try that again.” As he went back for seconds, he heard the roar of motorcycles coming in their direction.


Erick Von Zipper and his Ratz cycle gang rode into the beach and pulled up next to the campfire. Most of the college kids backed away behind Riley and Gidget. Riley stood his ground, but pushed Gidget behind him to protect her.


Frankie, having previous experiences with Von Zipper, marched unafraid into the campfire area and looked defiantly at the bikers. “What do you want Von Zipper?”


“I don’t want you. I want the jerk who hit me earlier today.”


Pat stepped into the light, You looking for me?”


“Yeah, no one hits Erick Von Zipper and gets a way with it.”


“You attacked a woman and were holding her against her will. You deserved what ever you got.”


Riley yelled out into the darkness, “Ski, we need you.”


“This fight is between him and me. You surfers stay out of it.” Von Zipper told Frankie.


Frankie, still smarting from Dee Dee’s rejection, liked the idea of strangers being beaten up by the bikers. “No problem,” he turned to the surfer group, “the fight is between him and Dee’s new friend. Don’t get involved.”


“But Frankie…” Bone Head started to object.


“You heard me. No one gets involved.” Frankie defiantly put his arm around his new girl friend and they went back to their private spot on the beach.


The surfer group stood torn three ways between their friendships to Frankie and Dee Dee and their long time dislike of the Ratz pack.


“I don’t want to fight you.” Pat said quietly as Ski and Riley came to his side.


Erick misunderstood and looked back at his Ratzs gloating, “Ya see. He’s scared of us.”


“I didn’t say that. I said I didn’t want to fight, but I won’t stand still and let you punch me either. You start a fight and I’ll finish it.”


“We’ll finish it. You attack one of us, you attack all of us.” Ski snarled.


“The surfer bums won’t help you.” Erick bragged.


“We don’t need their help.” Riley bragged back as the three of them fanned out toward the bikers who started to advance toward them.


“Hold on one minute!” yelled Dee Dee as she, Gidget and Animal faced the surfer group. “How dare you not support them in this fight. These men came to my rescue earlier today. Where were you? You were out surfing, waxing your surfboards and making out with your girlfriends. Now they are being attacked for defending me and you do nothing about it. What kind of friends are you?”


“Frankie doesn’t want us involved,” One of the male surfers spoke out.


“Aren’t you my friend as well? Obviously not since you won’t take a stand for me,” Dee looked around the group, “Besides Gidget and Animal, do I have any friends here at all?”


Everyone stood looking shamed faced for a second until one of the other girls came into the firelight and looked at the group. “Well, girls are we going to support Dee Dee and her friends or you going to just stand there and look as cowardly as the guys?’’


The females moved out from the surfer crowd, followed a couple of the male surfers and join the ranks that stood next to Dee Dee and her friends.


“Let’s do some damage!” was Animal’s war cry as she grabbed her badminton racket again and made her way to the bikers and their new friends.


Dee Dee, Gidget and the group followed. They circled the Ratz pack in a threatening manner that started to scare the bikers.


Dee Dee decided to take advantage of situation, “You have two choices. You can leave right now without starting a fight or wind up in the hospital. Your decision.”


Erick didn’t like the turn of events at all. He and his group looked nervously at the college group and the older men. There was no way of winning this fight they were outnumbered. He spoke nervously to Pat, “I’ve decided to forgive you for hitting me earlier. It was a misunderstanding. Ratz to the cycles.”


The Ratz followed their leader gladly to their cycles. They could always fight another day when the odds where in their favor.


Erick revved up his motor and yelled to the beach group, “Von Zipper will return!” as his motorcycle flew from underneath him into the sea leaving him standing there bow legged with his hands in the air. He looked mystified at what just happened and then looked back at J.D. and said, “Fix it, stupid.” He jumped on J.D.’s bike as J.D. went into the surf, pulled the bike out of the water and followed the bikers off the beach.


“Wow, do you have confrontations with that guy often?” Riley asked the group.


“Every time we come here. Except this is the first time they left without a fight.” Dee gave her friends a grateful look, “Thanks everyone.”


“That’s what friends are for. To always be there to support no matter what.” Animal gave her a smile as she put her badminton racket down where she found it.


“I’m disappointed though. I was looking forward to kicking some serious butt.” Gidget pouted looking like a disappointed child as she pocketed her mace.


“Come on tiger. Let’s go somewhere private and I’ll make it up to you.” Riley placed his arm around her and led her off to a private destination.


The rest of the group followed their example, leaving Dee Dee and Pat alone again still standing by the campfire.


“Now where were we, before we were rudely interrupted?” Dee asked as she put her arms around his neck.


“Oh, I think about right here,” Pat whispered against her lips making them tingle before he took possession of them again as he held her tightly against him.

The End