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Welcome to the Arts and Crafts page! Just the thing for that pet Voyage project using paint and pencil, needle and thread, model and glue, etc.

If you have a project you'd care to submit, just contact Catfish with a brief description and/or a small to medium sized .jpg or bitmap image attachment to your email.

Link to the brand new Pat's Sewing Corner 11 Sept. 2015. *Will normally be seen in the Needles section.

Artist's Gallery:

Some wonderful work by DSCampos !

Art work by LaJuan :

Ski's Self-Portrait

Art work by Mary Daniels:

Art Work by Corinna:

Sleeping Crane


Comments for the artist? Click here.Corinna


Art Work by Brian Davis:

Mr. Davis is a professional artist and when I purchased this original print he authorized it's appearance here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! My scanner doesn't do it justice and some of the edges are missing.

Crafters Gallery:

Model by a Friend:

Because I'm a complete klutz, a friend made this model for me. I think you'll agree he did a great job.

Needle Gallery:

Sept 11, 2015 Link to Pat's Sewing Corner

Stitch & Chart Work by Carol aka Catfish:

Just a note for the fanatically correct:

The heraldic devices (shields/coats of arms)are known to have belonged to individual persons of the surnames in England and Ireland.

However it is not good genealogy to assign them to any fictional or real non-heir individual who just happens to have the same last name.

This is just poetic license for the Voyage fandom. The supporters (side images)are based on actual devises, but without assigned arms.


Crane Letter

For Larger Image

A Nelson Sampler


Seaview in stitches

For the entire picture