NAME: Stuart Riley

QUALIFICATIONS :* for those seeking posting to SSRN Seaview, state actual sea experience and/or training… (lack of sea experience will not preclude you from being considered for service aboard the submarine): USN Reserves 2 years as a clerk at the San Diego Naval Base . Duties included general filing, and office work. Certified Scuba Diver.

File # 17893 checked out ok. Morton

File # 99784 checked out but see notes by former CO. Morton

State reason/s you wish to be considered for employment:

Well, I like riding the big ones, you know, like the hot tubes off Wakiki. Seaview is always in the middle of things, like, way out…and really important. I've always wanted to so something important. And she's a oceanographic boat too.

Good attitude! Morton

I like to scuba dive, and am pretty good at it, and hold a master's certificate in it.

Above average. Crane.

I listen really well, and can learn quickly. But most of all I know how to follow orders and you can count on me. Within reason. See former CO notes about Honolulu. Morton

If hired* for NIMR support staff*, which terms do you prefer to be addressed as, if correction is necessary, in the general language of our support supervisors*?

!. idiot



4.birdbrain /Good lad! Is willing to accept this trick question! H. N.

5. other (please state)


If hired * for submarine duty* ,which terms do you prefer to be addressed as, if correction is necessary, in the general language of our chief of the boat?

1. Knothead

2. Bozo

3. Clown

4. Anything the chief throws at you / I've been called all these things so no big deal.

Used to Naval idosycrosies! H.N.

If hired * for submarine duty*, which method of disposal of your remains, if any are left, preferred:

1. Burial at sea

2. Shipment stateside * if possible, we only have limited space in the freezer.

Gee I don't know…whatever the captain decides I guess.

God Willing, won't happen either way. I think this applicant will be a welcome addition to the crew. Crane

Please answer the following: true or false (you may add any necessary comments)

1. A submarine is a ship F (it's a 'boat') Good Lad!HN

2. The captain is always right T (he'd better be !) sure, sure! CM

3. The chief is always right T (if I want to keep my head glued on)

4. The admiral is always right T Need I say more? Hire him! HN

5. The XO is always right T no comment! L. Crane

6. The doctor is always right T (unless I want a shot in the tush)

7. Washington is always right F ( hardly!)A LAD AFTER MY HEART

8. There are no such things as aliens Well I don't know

9. There are no such things as monsters ditto open mind!HN

10. Girlie magazines are necessary to preserve the sanity of the crew Absolautely! Normal response. Doc Jamison

Additional comments:

I'd like to prove to my folks and to myself that I can do something important. I'm a hard worker and hardly ever slack off, at least not intentionally. All I ask for is a chance.


official use only

physical/satisfactory Doc J.

Checked with former CO. Report verifies charge of disorderly conduct, but only after coming to the assistance of his fellow shipmates after his boat was insulted. Showed team spirit. Will have a little talk with him if hired to prevent undue fisticuffs in future. L.Crane

I see no problems with this applicant. C. Morton

After due consideration of files, applicant approved. HN.