A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-11

Ski's Sketches

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Please do feel free to use any of these images for inspiration!

As you know, Seaman Kowalski spends a great deal of his free time with his sketch book, honing his artistic skilss, from pen and ink, pastels, even watercolor and oils.
These three sketches were recently discovered and will appear here for the Picture is Worth a Thousand Words story challenge # 11 prior to being included in his album.

For this challenge you may write one story per picture  or combine them all into one. (Story must include the image)
Judging will be based on the following:
Turn one picture into one story:Bronze Challenge
Turn two pictures into one story:Silver Challenge
Turn three pictures into one story:Gold Challenge
Happy writing!

Bonus Challenge
Select any picture from Ski's Sketch book to add to your selcted picture/s here  for your stories and earn an additional point for the voting tally.
Be sure to indicate which picture you want to use from Kowalski's Sketchbook


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Chief Sharkey

Infectious Grin