Ancient Studies Academy


Adm. H. Nelson


Dear sir,

In reference to your questions on the legendary mermaids, we have put together the following info. Sea lore, the half-human/ female fish creatures were 'siren's who lured their victims to their deaths. The mermaid was supposedly possessed of incredible beauty and an ability to overpower the minds of their victims, making them unable to think clearly or to know what was happening. They were doomed, unless released from the mermaid's power by her desire or by a struggle to the death of some kind.

2. In ancient legend, as proven by the uncovered archaeological paintings and mosaics, the mermaid was a symbol for a prostitute! As to why, we have no idea.

3. There is no legendary merman, nor amphibious creature such as you described in your radio inquiry, though if there were, it would certainly make sense. Mermaids have to come from somewhere.

And now for the other matter you mentioned:

According to a few old sea tales handed down verbally, once of man sees a mermaid and is 'mesmerized' or 'subdued' by her, he will carry that obsession for life. I am enclosing photocopies of some of the ancient and medieval stories from men who claimed to have escaped the sea after having seen mermaids. They couldn’t think of anything else, and went quite mad. Several of these poor deluded souls spent the rest of their lives locked away from the rest of humanity by restraints or by their own self imposed seclusion.

We have in our possession, a few ancient artifacts you may wish to look at, some ancient mosaics and a few bits of jewelry, ahh, if only the mermaid legend was true.

We look forward to any visit from you.


Arch E. Ologist

PS : those WERE hypothetical questions you gave me, weren't they?