Between the impending con (2 days after my dues are due) and the book that is still not done yet, I offer this drabble for my current dues period. If I ever get any time to write on my longer story that several of you are clamoring for, you might see it next dues period!  Diane



Tick Tock 


2nd Missing Scene from Death Clock

Sequel to Death miss


by Diane Kachmar


            Nelson entered Sickbay quietly. The smell of smoke still lingered, but he was pleased to see Lee was now awake and no longer in a coma. Will was checking his vital signs. Harry could see Lee was not happy about still being here.

            "You wanted to see me, son," Nelson asked, in greeting.

            Lee turned and looked at him. Something flashed through his eyes almost too fast to catch, misery and shame, but that was quickly replaced by relief. "Have you found Mallory yet?" he asked quietly.

            "We're still searching the boat for him. There are only so many places he can hide and Sharkey knows ever one of them. He won't escape now, particularly since he almost killed you when his machine blew up. The crew was not happy about that, you know."

            Crane almost smiled, then his expression turned sober. "I don't think the Chief is going to be able to find him, but let him complete the search."

            Will turned to his patient. "Lee, do you know something you are not telling us?"

            Crane settled deeper into his pillow. "I don't think Mallory was ever here."

            Jamieson shook his head. "If he wasn't here, who was I talking to when you were in a coma?"

            "You'll never believe me." Crane gave a tiny shake of his head.

            "Try me," Nelson encouraged.

            "What do you know about the fourth dimension?" Lee asked.

            "Einstein theorized it was time, but he was never able to prove that."

            "Do you believe that?"

            Nelson rubbed behind his ear thoughtfully. "It's an interesting theory that has some merit."

            Crane turned to the Doctor. "I wasn't in a coma, I know all my vitals were reading like I was, but I had actually been shifted into the fourth dimension. Where Mallory was in charge, he told me he was an alien and where he showed me I had killed the Admiral."

            Nelson ran a hand down his chest. "I can assure you I'm not dead, son."

            Again Lee almost smiled.  "After you, he was going to kill the entire crew. I couldn't allow that. So I blew up his machine, both over there and here."

            Jamieson laid a quick hand on Crane's forehead to check for fever.

            "No, Jamie, I didn't imagine it." Lee moved his head restlessly away. "I was in the fourth dimension, the Admiral was dead and I --" Lee squeezed his eyes shut. "It was horrible, I couldn't get back to yesterday, no matter what I tried!"

            Will inclined his head and Harry moved closer to the bed. He gently closed his hand around Crane's upper arm. "Steady, Lee, you've had a bad day, what with the reactor running wild and then the proximity of this explosion --"

            Lee's eyes snapped open. "Then you don't believe me."

            "I didn't say that," Nelson answered. "I am glad you are out that coma. Doc tells me he might even release you back to duty, if your vitals check out."

            "I said maybe," Jamieson answered. "Now, hold still and let me finish checking you out, or you aren't going anywhere!"

            The Captain settled back into his pillow a little deeper. "Oh, yes, it is definitely yesterday."


The (almost) End