The Final Goodbye


Kay H.


It is always hard to loose a crewman under your command.The best you can do is give them the final send off.


As the Captain you only make the arrangements that your crewman and his family desire to the best of your ability whether it is at sea or after you return the body to his family and the conclusion of that fateful mission.


You arrange for the presence of yourself, the Admiral, and Mr. Morton along with whichever friends of the lost crewman want to attend.


You arrange for the transportation home to his final resting place along with the final flag that was placed on ourfriend's and colleagues coffin as we said goodbye to a comrade in arms that has fallen.

You arrange for the Honor Guard which gives the final salute standing at attention, as the bagpipes play "Amazing Grace" and the bugler plays Taps for our friend during his moment in glory and honor as the shots rang out as we say our sad goodbye.

Then six at the coffin fold that final flag, which you will then present it to the family.

We've said our final goodbye to our good friend in the saddest way possible,
 a final Amen.

Chip says Lee itís time to go; we have done everything possible for Curley.He will be missed by the men of the Seaview.