This is isnít part of a story or anything.Itís something I wrote (out of frustration) Iím pretty sure back in 1977 after watching a lot of third season episodes.†† I donít think it fits any of the aired episodes exactly, but I think itís a good exposition of what drives Lee Crane and I humbly offer it for my January dues.










As you read this, try to understand that the course I am about to take is not of my own choosing.Last night I received sealed orders from ONI to investigate an internal security leak aboard Seaview.ONI is convinced there is a traitor on board, and they are also convinced it is someone with level 6 Clearance.Thatís you, me and the Admiral.

You, buddy, are in the clear, because I know you would never do such a thing.I also know I haven't sold any secrets lately.That leaves the Admiral.Personally, if I could break radio silence I would tell those clowns what to do with their intelligence, but I canít.


The only way ONI will be convinced is to offer them evidence they cannot refute.I'm pretty sure the Admiral has also received secret orders from ONI to investigate me.††† He's been acting strange towards me the last two days since we sailed.If I don't provide ONI with an answer soon, they might send an outside agent in and who knows who might be hurt or killed.


Unfortunately we seem to be victims of a blind bureaucratic system that operates on suspicion without any compassion or looking at past records.I know the risk Iím taking but there's too much at stake here to do anything else besides what I have decided.


Everything the Admiral has worked for is too important for him to fall under suspicion of treason.He's always gone his own way and there are many in Washington who would like to see him brought down.I can't let that happen.


ONI thinks the traitor will try to hijack one of our missiles to give to the other side to study, so I've taken steps to render our missile system inoperative, so there is no incident until we get this cleared up.Malone can easily undo what Iíve done, after this is over, and restore the system.


Chip, we need to do something about installing an alarm for unauthorized excursions into sensitive areas during C-watch.†† Granted, if I had been spotted, no one would have thought anything of it, but it was still way too easy for me to gain access.See to it.

I know if the Admiral is convinced Iím the traitor, he will stop me.That will clear him with ONI.He has a gun, so I know Iím suspect.Chip, I have no idea what he's going to do if he thinks I'm going to fire a missile.If I'm lucky he may not kill me.


But however it went down, don't blame him.He has his orders, as I have mine.†† If one of us must be sacrificed to continue his work let it be me.


Help him.†† And take care of Seaview; sheís the best boat I ever had.It makes this easier to do knowing she'll be in your capable hands.Hopefully you will never have to read this.If you are, remember the good times.†† Thanks for being my friend.†† Take care.