Sexy Santa by Pauline


Set towards end of fourth season – a bit of fun for Christmas.


After playing Santa at the annual NIMR children’s party, Lee was looking forward to shedding the hot Santa suit and padding, and getting into a shower. He’d brought his and Sophie’s clothes for the evening, so that he would not have to drive back to the lighthouse to change.  Nelson had let them have the use of one of the guest bungalows for the night.


He used the men’s room to change out of the Santa suit and into sweats for the short drive to the bungalow.  The sun was going down and the cool evening air was refreshing as he walked to his car.  He’d left the top down on the Cobra and it felt good to have the wind tussle his dark hair, after wearing the beard and hood.


Arriving at the bungalow, he opened the trunk and took out the garment bags, containing his tux and Sophie’s evening gown; he was looking forward to seeing her in the dress- and out of it.  He took the things inside, and after laying them on the bed, headed for the shower.


Stepping into the shower, he squeezed shower gel into his palm and lathered it over his skin.  Tipping his head back, he splashed water over his face and lathered shampoo into his hair, before ducking his head under the spray to rinse it off. Taking longer than usual, he enjoyed the hot water, turning to let it massage his shoulders and back. 


Turning off the water, he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the rail to dry off before slipping on the robe he’d hung on the back of the door. Fastening the robe, he put his watch back on and headed out to the bedroom.  He was thirsty and although there would be a buffet at the party tonight, he needed a snack to keep him going and Sophie would probably be hungry.





Sophie had her partner drop her at the institute and walked the short distance to the guest bungalow.  It had been a hectic day with the usual craziness that this time of year brought. But she still loved Christmas and had enjoyed choosing the trees for the lighthouse with Lee, they would decorate them together.  Right now she was looking forward to a soak in the tub and maybe a massage from Lee. Her pulse leapt at the thought of his large, but gentle hands.  And who knew what might come later.  She was so in lust with him. They had set the date June and next Christmas she would be Mrs Crane.


She smiled as she saw the Cobra parked under the carport.


 The bungalow had a cool, modern feel with a vaulted ceiling in the lounge, white walls and a polished wooden floor.  A cream leather suite was arranged around a large rug in the centre of the room.  A beautiful seascape hung on one wall. Double glass doors led out to a deck at the back. A Christmas tree in one corner sparkled in a kaleidoscope of colours.




“In the bedroom,” he called out in reply.


The sight of Lee sitting on the bed, wearing only leopard print briefs and a robe, which was open, his hair was still damp and curling, almost took her breath away - he looked so sexy.


“Hey, how was Santa?”


Lee laughed, pausing in pulling on his socks. “Well, I didn’t get peed on, so I guess I was a success.” He pulled her down onto his lap.  “And what do you want for Christmas?” he asked playfully, his honey gold eyes sparkling with mischief. 


“You’re all I want for Christmas.” Suddenly she wanted to get naked, he have those long elegant fingers tormenting her. He smelled delicious, of musk, vanilla and a hint of citrus.


He tilted her face into a kiss.  She wanted more, much more. She wrapped her arms around his neck and cupped the back of his head. “Owww...Lee. I want you. ”She moved her hand down, but he grabbed her wrist.


“I think we’d better continue this later, or we will never make it to the party, and the Admiral would not be pleased.”


“Can’t we just make it a quickie?”


“Sweetheart, I don’t want a quickie, I want to take my time and savour every inch of you.”


Reluctantly Sophie slid off his lap. “Are you sure you won’t join me in the tub?”


“As tempting as that idea is, I don’t think it would be a good idea.” He reached for the other sock. “Are you hungry? I could make us a sandwich.”


Hungry for you, she thought silently.  “Have you forgotten about the buffet? A girl has to watch her figure.”


“Looks fine from here.”


 She smiled and headed for the bathroom before temptation got the better of her.





The institute conference hall ceiling had been draped in white silk, studded with silver stars.  A glitter ball hung from the centre of the ceiling, turning slowly in a spotlight.  Tables were arranged around the perimeter of the dance floor, with a large buffet table at one end. The double entrance doors stood open, flanked by two large Christmas trees


Lee and Sophie made a handsome couple, Lee in his tux and a white dress shirt and Sophie in a fit and flair red gown, the bodice covered in sequins.


 Chip and Lindsey entered behind them. “Hey, Lee.”


“Hi Chip, Lindsey.” Lee smiled in greeting.


“Sophie, may I say you look ravishing,” Chip complimented.


“Why thank you, Chip.  You’re looking dashing yourself.” Sophie returned the smile.  As the Captain’s date, she felt that she had to make a special effort with her appearance.


“You’d look good in anything,” Lee told her, slipping a possessive arm around her waist.  “And you look lovely to Lindsey.”


Lindsey was tall and slim like her father, she was wearing an emerald green V necked, crushed jacquard gown, ruched under the bust. Chip was wearing black pants, a black jacquard shirt with silk tie and a white dinner jacket.


“Would you ladies like a glass of champagne?” Chip offered.


“I’d love one, thank you,” Sophie replied.


“I’ll be right back.  Lee, why don’t you grab a table?”




As the evening passed, Lee danced with several of the female employees, including Angie and Tisha, while Sophie mingled and also danced with several people, including the Admiral.  When the music stopped, he led her from the dance floor.


“Sophie, my dear – I have a proposition for you.”


“Oh?” Sophie wondered what he had in mind.


“I’d like to offer you a position with the institute, as a liaison officer. You would work regular hours and you and Lee would have more time together.  And don’t tell Lee, but he needs someone to keep an eye on him away from the institute.”


Sophie felt a hand on her arm.  “What are you two plotting?” Lee asked, appearing at her side.


“The Admiral just offered me a job.”


“Great, are you going to accept?”


Sophie nodded. “Yes.  Thank you, Admiral, I accept your offer.”


“Good.  We can discuss the details later. Now I will leave you two to enjoy the rest of the evening.” 


Lee took her hand. “I don’t know about you, but I could use some air.”


“Do you think the Admiral would mind if we slipped away?” Lee looked so delicious; she wanted him out of that tux and in bed.


Lee smiled, “I think I have done my duty for this year.  Come on, let’s go.”





The site of her in that red dress had been driving him crazy all evening and he was glad to finally have her all to himself. With the door of the bungalow closed firmly and locked behind them, he slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. “You look ravishing in that dress.”


“You don’t look so bad yourself, Captain.”


Lee nuzzled her neck while moving one hand to the zip and drawing it down her back, “But it has to come off.”


“Why captain, are you trying to seduce me,” she teased playfully.


“Umm, is it working?” He eased the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.


Sophie lifted her face to meet his kiss.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she yielded against him. She tasted delicious, her perfume was seductive and intoxicating, a mixture of roses and jasmine with a hint of musk, fuelling heat in his groin.  He’d been waiting all evening for this; he couldn’t get enough of her.


“Ummm, take me to bed.” She breathed breathlessly.


Lee picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, placing her gently on the bed.




Lee woke with Sophie snuggled beside him. He stretched languidly and sighed. It was Christmas Eve morning and he was tempted to stay here beside her.  His body stirred at the memory of the previous night.  He’d never felt this way about any woman before, she was amazing; sexy, intelligent, fun loving, passionate, tenacious and was not afraid to take the lead in their sex life.  He was actually thinking of resigning from ONI once they were married. 


But for now, duty called and he had to put in an appearance at the institute, at least for a few hours. Reluctantly he slipped out of bed, careful not to wake Sophie.  Smiling to himself, he headed for the bathroom; there was tonight to look forward to and he had a surprise planned.





Sophie sat in the kitchen, nibbling on a cookie while a cup of coffee cooled in front of her.  She couldn’t wait for Lee to get back, she wanted to go home, trim the tree and then later...  She spent as much at the lighthouse as she did at her apartment. She’d been lucky to get the holiday off.  At least next year things should be easier.  She wondered what her role at the institute would involve. 


She had never looked forward to Christmas so much and to think that she had almost thrown it all away when she had told Lee it was over after, his indiscretion with another woman.*Thank heavens Lee had ignored her wishes that he not call her. That year had turned out to be the best Christmas, and she was determined that this year would be even better.


 She couldn’t help feeling guilty at keeping Lee from spending Christmas with his mother, but he had insisted that they spend Christmas together this year. He’d told her that there would be other years when they could spend the holiday in Rhode Island.


Her only reservation was that she wished she could persuade Lee to resign from ONI. She worried that one day he would not make it back from one of those assignments. His job as Seaview’s captain was hazardous enough, especially as Lee insisted on taking the risks himself.  She knew that he frequently drove Chip and the Admiral crazy with some of the stunts he pulled, but she accepted that he would never change, it was who he was, and she loved him.


Finishing the cookie she picked up the cup poured it down the sink.  Lee should be here soon and she needed to be ready to leave.






Lee had suggested that they stop for lunch on the way, but Sophie had wanted to go straight home and start their Christmas.  She’d heated some soup and made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches while Lee had tested the tree lights.  After they had eaten, they decorated both trees, one in the lounge and the other in the tower room.  Sophie hung the last strand of silver tinsel on the tree and stepped back, smiling at Lee.


“Hold on,” Lee turned off the main lights, leaving just the tree lights twinkling.


“It’s beautiful,” Sophie met his gaze.  He moved closer and slipped an arm around her shoulder. Placing her arm around his waist, she snuggled closer, enjoying being near to him.  They stood in the darkened tower room with the tree lights reflecting in the tall glass windows. “Maybe we should install a sofa-bed in here.  It would be romantic sleeping out here, with the sea and the sky.” She suggested.


“Now why didn’t I think of that?” He gave her a sultry, under the lashes look. “We could always...err...make out under the tree,” he grinned wickedly.


“How can I resist an invitation like that?”


“Hold that thought,” Lee grabbed the cushions from the two couches and threw them down near the tree.


They both quickly shed their clothes and Sophie inclined into the nest of cushions.  Lee knelt at her feet.


“I’m going to make love to all of you,” he took her right foot and gently kneading the sole, slowly moving to the ankle.  His long fingers worked their way up her leg.  Sophie shivered with excitement and anticipation as they moved higher. But before he reached her intimate places, he stopped and reached for the other foot.


“Lee, please!”


Shhh,” he smiled. Again he leisurely worked his way up her leg, trailing his fingers over her calves and knee, to her thigh. 


Sophie reached for him, but he caught her hand.“No touching.” 


Again he bypassed where she wanted him to touch her, instead moving to straddle her, moving his hands along her ribs to her breasts. Her body tightened as he took her breasts in his hands, squeezing gently.  Her nipples peaked at his touch and she gave a soft moan.  


“I want you.”


Lee lowered his head to kiss her and she reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck.  He moved down to suck one nipple into his mouth; ripples of pleasure pulsed through her, spreading heat through her body. Her legs parted, she desperately wanted him inside her. She bucked under him. “Lee...” 


While his mouth still lavished attention on her breast, he moved a hand down, parting her and slipping a finger inside.  Her insides gripped his finger eagerly. 


“You want this?”


“Yes, more please.” She could hardly breathe, her heart was racing, and every nerve in her body seemed to short circuit. 


Another finger stretched her open ,pressing deeper until they found her centre. She cried out, losing control as his probing fingers brought her to the edge.


“Owww...please,” she moaned, breathlessly.


Over and over is fingers nudged against her sensitive nub, while his teeth grazed her nipple, sending jolts of electric to her core. When his finger circled her centre, it tipped her over the edge while her body arched in climax.


Lee turned onto his side and held her against him while she recovered her senses.  “Are you okay?”


“Ummm...what about you?  You didn’t...?”


Lee smiled. “That was just the appetiser; I’ve something planned for the main event.”






While Sophie was in the shower, Lee finished the last touches to the bedroom, swapping out the lamp bulb for a soft, candle bulb.  Angie and Lindsey had done a great job with the room.  The black bed set had been replaced with a red quilt cover and matching pillow shams, with a white snowflake design.  A vase of red roses stood on the bedside table and there was even a Christmas tree in one corner. He would never have had time to do all this himself, and he wanted to surprise Sophie. So Angie and Lindsey had offered to come over while Sophie was still at the bungalow. This was going to be the best Christmas.


After turning on the Christmas tree lights, he turned off the main lights and debated whether to close the shutters on the windows, but there were no neighbours to observe them. The soft echo of the ocean and the warm sea breeze only served to enhance the romantic atmosphere.  Hearing the bathroom door, he shrugged out of his robe, leaving just the red, fur trimmed Santa boxers he wore underneath – another surprise for Sophie.


Although in the past, he had his share of lady friends, he’d always been a little conservative, shy even. Not that he would ever let on to Chip.  But the one thing that his assignation with *Elizabeth had shown him was that there was more to sex than the physical act.  He loved Sophie, and he wanted her to feel cherished. His own pleasure came second to hers.


“Wow,”  Sophie asked as she padded into the room, wearing only a red baby-doll, trimmed with white fur.


His body throbbed at the sight of her. “Santa’s elves have been busy” he answered huskily.


“What about my sexy Santa, are you ready for the main event?” 


He pulled her against him. “Ready, willing and...”


“Definitely able,” she teased, gently grasping his arousal through the material of his boxers.


Lee groaned.


She grinned mischievously. “I like getting you hot and hard.”She gave him a gently squeeze.


“You’re driving me crazy,” he captured her wrist. “You can play later; right now I want you in bed.”


“Yes, please.”






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