Surprise Mission


Carol Foss


Never again. Absolutely never again, Cmdr. Crane chided himself as he got to the task of cleaning up, but in spite of the sticky goo trailing down his face, hair, hands, and an unyielding mess on his clothes, he had to admit it was a mission well and truly accomplished.....


It had begun after a TV news report. Nelson and Morton were in their offices ashore attending to various leftover tasks prior to taking their own shore leave. Most of  Seaview's crew was already gone, and most of the NIMR staff were enjoying one of 'breaks' the Institute had established so friends and families could share in the time off together. Crane had been surprised by the announcement on TV but had no choice but to get involved. Personally.


Nelson was surprised and pleased to be let in on the sudden operation and promised to 'detain and distract', while Crane tended to the covert details.


Nelson tried his hand at distracting the subject in question to the point that the subject was growing increasingly irritated and on the verge of abandoning Nelson's company all together. Finally they got a call to head to Seaview. The Captain wanted to debrief them about something aboard her.


The boat of course, was devoid of life, save for the security watch topside.


For a moment Nelson thought he'd got it wrong and checked his watch in the empty Wardroom. Then suddenly the door to the 'tween through swung open and out came Crane. If the Captain of the Seaview looked more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, one could easily be forgiven, for Lee Crane, instead of being garbed in his pristine uniform, was liberally dusted with flour, eggs, and something that looked like batter and was wearing a vinyl bbq apron. In both hands he held two plates of steaming stacks of...

"Happy Pancake Day!" Lee and Nelson shouted.

"And," Lee stressed, "this is to top it off," he pulled out a small dark glass bottle, "You had better enjoy it. Had to go all the way to town and wait in line for more than a half hour in that health food store. The is 'pure' maple syrup, from Vermont!" he added proudly. " Can't say my Mom was too thrilled about being dragged out of a Bingo game for my call asking her how to make them, but agreed it was for a good cause."

"Er, you made these pancakes for us yourself Lee? From scratch?" Chip asked, "You didn't buy something like Bisquick or Aunt Jemima's? Or even Frozen?"

"Er..what's Bisquick?"

Morton stifled a laugh, it was a sure bet he'd never been down that particular aisle of the grocery store.

"Never mind Lee, I'm sure they're great," Nelson said.

"So, tell me," Chip opened the bottle and poured some syrup over the first stack, "if this is a National thing how come I've never heard of it?"

"Beats me, but the TV said it's today, February 12, just the same.


Chip took a bite, grinned, poured on some syrup and said." Just like my Mom's! Thanks, Lee."


As Crane went back to the galley to clean up, and Nelson plunged his fork into his stack, Morton hissed, "You really want to live dangerously?"

"But you said your Mom...oh," realization dawned, "Er, I'll pass."


The two had just managed to dispose of the evidence into the covered trash bin when Lee emerged, still mussed and splattered, minus the apron.

"Sorry Lee, we didn't save any for you."

"That's okay, I had an Egg McGriddle on my way back from the store. I suppose I could have just brought you some, but hey it's a national holiday of sorts. Nothing but homemade would do! I wonder, should I give Cookie the recipe? "

"Er, his feelings might be hurt, Lee," Nelson said," Chefs, you know."

"Oh, of course, you're right."

"But we sure won't forget this Lee!" Morton said, "Thanks. And Happy National Pancake Day!"



National Pancake Day-Feb. 12

At least this year(2008) due to the Presidential Primaries

Normally held on Shrove Tues.

Another source has a day in Sept. and IHOP has a Pancake Week.(naturally!:)


McGriddle- a kind of Egg McMuffin only with small pancakes-McDonalds.