Food Histories

Cmdr. Lee Crane's History of Shish Kebob

Lt. Cmdr. (Doc) Will Jamison's History of Jell-O

Admiral Nelson's History of Boston Baked Beans

Commander Morton's History of the Brownie

Cookbook Table of Contents


15 Second Lemonaide

Beverages-sort of-this is a Jell-O 'shot'

Daquiri Delight


Mrs. Morton's Rainbow Delight Salad


Mrs. Crane's Cheddar Biscuits

Jamie's 'Good for You' Bran Muffins

Main Dishes:

~ Breakfast~

Overnight French Toast

Peanut Butter French Toast

The Skipper's Poached Egg on Toast

Crustless Quiche

~Lunch & Dinner Dishes~

Pot Roast


David Hedison's Armenian Shish Kebob

Diane K.'s Shish Taouk

Reactor Chili

Teriyaki Shish Kebob

Mrs. Crane's Cockadoodle Do

Pork Roast


Beef Vegetable Soup

Crabby Captain Cakes

The Skipper's Fried Egg Sandwich

Chip's Chicken with Basmati Rice


David Hedison's Armenian White Bean Salad

David Hedison's Armenian Rice Pilaf

Chief Sharkey's Green Bean Casserole variation

Scalloped Corn

Garlic Parsley Potatoes


Key LIme Pie (Sue'Bookscape)

Key Lime Pie (Carol 'Catfish)

Banana Chocolate Sandwich

3 Cherry Pie

Peanut Butter Chip Yellow Cake

Tipsy Mousse

Cranberry Chiffon Pie



Undercover Cupcakes

Apple Pie

Ed's Ghirardeli Chocolate Brownies



Halloween Spiders

Christmas or any time special

Jam Cake

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