Santa Claus



North Pole

North Pole Interoffice Memo



From: SC

To: HN, NIMR, Santa Barbara,California

Subject: Last Minute Details

Dear Harriman,

Or should I say Santa's little(?)helper.

(*hah hah,if you continue to raid Chip Morton's cookies, we'll both have bellies like bowls of jelly)

It has come to my attention that while children have far more sense than parents give them credit for,you must try harder to impersonate me when in costume.

Therefore, I am enclosing some Superdelux Glue for your beard.

(along with solvent for easy removal)

Again, many thanks for your continued support!

PS. May I use Seaview's computer to check my list? It would really help and checking anything twice can take up valuable time and I do have a schedule to keep. And you of all people know about schedules!

  Merry Christmas!



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