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 The Nelson Institute of Marine Research   announced today that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) would visit NIMR on their trip to California, July 8-10.

"On behalf of the Nelson Institute of Marine Research  and our partners and friends in Santa Barbara, we are absolutely delighted with the news of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s upcoming visit to Santa Barbara and the Nelson Institute of Marine Research,” said Admiral Harriman Nelson, Founder and Owner of NIMR.  “We wish the royal couple much happiness and success as they embark on their new life together.  It is with great pride that the personnel of the Institute welcome them to our facilities.  We very much look forward their visit.

Additionally, the Nelson Institute acknowledges the common focus of Prince William and Admiral Nelson on environmental advocacy.  The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry support developing sustainable models of living in the light of climate change and dwindling natural resources.  The Nelson Institute has long been an advocate of protecting the seas, responsible use of the oceans many natural resources.  The Nelson Institute of Marine Research (NIMR) supports scientific research and educational programs that seek to elucidate and find solutions to the critical problems facing the world's marine ecosystems. NIMR research programs are primarily aimed at understanding and, ultimately, managing important marine species and ecosystems throughout the world's oceans. Its general goal is to be a strong force in reversing the unchecked depletion of marine resources and the degradation of the oceans.

As part of their visit to NIMR, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be given a tours of the Institutes Oceanography Complex, as well as the Seaview, Nelson’s private research submarine , commanded by Lee Crane.

NIMR is located at 1 NIMR Drive, Santa Barbara, California 93101.   Visitors can arrive via scenic Highway 101. For more information on NIMR check us out on line at   or phone 1-805-555-1234.


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