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The 'Obviously' Challenge Stories


In this challenge somewhere in the text the following verbatim sentence had to appear:"You obviously don't know what you are talking about, Captain."; the story had to contain:A missing document,a rock,the number(3)repeated (3)times, a broken watch,Sherlock Holmes,and a stale doughnut

Elementary My Dear Lee *by Winnie* Posted 21 April,2000

The Bet *by Michelle Pichette & Holly Cushing* Posted 03 May

Only Time Will Tell*by Philippa Timms* Posted 20 May, 2000

The Payoff (The Bet, Part Two)*by Michelle Pichette & Holly Cushing* Posted 09 Jul, 2000

Time Past*by J.Lynn Posted 09 Sept. 2000

All In A Afternoon*by Sharon Robertson *Posted 20 Sept. 2000